Wednesday April 11
We all have a favorite color, one that we wear more than others so everyone put on your signature color and head down to the Blue Moon Pub for a "Get to know you party"
I took a deep breath as I entered, not used to going to town, but it was time I got out and about. Immediately I saw lia, darya, and adelaide. They were all like me, the lucky ones. A crash had plaqued us all at some point in our lives. It was weird seeing that much death at a party. 

I shook my head though, needing out of my head and smiled at Adelaide. Small steps. Say hello to the host, learn to be social. Get outside of that damn farm, Ruby. 

"Hey, this is pretty good." I say, smiling at the bartender. I'd met her before here. 

"Oh, thanks. What can i get for you?" She says, mixing some drinks already then pauses. "hey, thats not your signature color, ruby?" 

I laugh, shrugging. "I didnt plan to come until last minute. Got me on the one day I'm not wearing blue." I laugh, taking a drink then smile. "Well, this looks like a great party."

She nods, and I turn to walk away, but run right into anya. "Oh, oh my," she says breathily, always sounding like she was lost in her head. 

I hug her hello, then get a napkin. "I'm so sorry. Did I spill?" 

'No." She says smiling. 

I nod, laughing, when I see clem, and start walking over. 

But again, I get interrupted. "Ruby? Wow. I can't believe you actually came." Lia says, the one who told me about the party in the first place. 

I shrug, "I decided it can't hurt to be a little social, you know." 

"Well, it's nice to see you around town again. It's been awhile..." Lia says, quietly. They all get quiet when they start talking about the crash and back when I came to town a lot. Even those who went through similar things get quiet. 

I shrug, starting to day something with Darya jumps in. "Find a boy in town then? We hear you've been visiting that mechanic shop a lot." she says with a wink. 

I blush. It's not for a boy. I shake my head. "No, find a cute one you two don't have your hands on though, let me know, okay?" I say, then make my leave. 

Clem was gone when i finally got out, and I didn't find her for the rest of the night. Oh well, I came to a party, I drank, I talked. I'm being social again.
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