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Title taken from the book Paper Towns by John Green

19, Amateur Detective
Greenwich, CT
{Hayley Wheeler}

✞Likes;; romance novels, romcoms, ballet, cigarettes, boxer puppies, oxfords, black coffee, high waisted shorts, neutrals, broadway, forbidden thrill, the beatles, motorcycles, marcus peabody, fizzy drinks, chandeliers, the blue moon canyon investigation, having her sister alongside her, whimsy, hershey kisses, chunky rings, rain, chivalry, bad boys, john hughes movies, banana smoothies, technology, cats, old pennies, solving a case.
✞Dislikes;; all the attention layla gets, stepping out of her comfort zone, anything sour, getting caught, unorganized people, top 40s music, getting her picture taken, obstacles, mind games, disrespectful people, falling asleep, the possibility of dying young, tons of makeup, blood, annoying children, alleyways, revealing too much skin, extremely religious people, reality shows, codependent people, rich kids, chinese food.

✞Biography;; Francesca wanted to find romance. A romance that ended with her riding away on a white horse alongside a chiselled guy with a personality to match. A romance that had inside jokes and corny rituals. But along with chivalry, her hopes of finding romance were slowly dying, if not dead. Francesca has seen more than the average nineteen year old girl should and has dealt with cases that have kept her up for months on end. After all the bad she'd seen in the world, she didn't know if there be any good left. But then good came in the slightly lanky package of Marcus Peabody, a mysterious and alluring boy she'd met on one of her cases. They sparked love in a very short amount of time but it was nowhere near like the one's she'd fantasized about. Her relationship with Marcus involved poetry, cigarettes, foreign movies and adrenaline. Francesca has always been the more careful of the two Harvard sisters, indulging in school activities and being a world-class bun head but she was tired of all the glory Layla was getting with her various adventures. Desperate to get some attention as well, Fran followed in her sisters footsteps to become a detective in hopes to win over her peers as well as sparking Marcus's adventurous side. 
✞Group Collection;; polyvore.com/francesca_harvard/collection?id=1764203
✞My Collection;; polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1786688

Top Five;;
1) Lorelei Carmel
2)Catherine Hurley
3)Layla Harvard
4)Jessica Grey
5)Lumen Blackstone


I sat on my bed, resting on my headboard and nose 
deep into a Sherlock Holmes novel. Layla still hadn't
come home and she paid me twenty bucks to cover for
her from mom and dad. I didn't even want to ask what
she was doing.

Probably something cool. 

I flipped the page, reading the small Helvetica font and
happening across a word. Crepuscular. I said it aloud,
letting it roll around in my mouth like a hard candy. 
/Crepuscular/. I fetched my leather bound note book 
and wrote it down, reminding myself to look it up later.

Plink. Plink. Plink.

I jolted upright, looking around instinctively. Mom and
dad were still out playing charades with the 
neighbours so it couldn't be them. I get up and look out
the door into the hallway. No one.


"Very funny, Layla!" I holler. Was this the best she 
could do? I roll my eyes, grabbing my book and 
squirming under the covers of my bed. I hear muttered
words coming from outside (probably those stupid 
skateboarders that venture out at 11:00pm) and I hear
a knock at the door. Lay would have to be an idiot to 
use the door to come in. I sigh, padding down the 
stairs to the foyer. 

"Who is it?" I called through the door.
"You're worst nightmare." 
"Seriously? /That's/ the best you could come up with?"
I swing the door open to see Marcus, hands in his 
pockets. I smile as he walks in without invitation and
slumps on our sofa. I sit next to him.

"You know if my parents see you in here I'm screwed,
right?" I tried to sound careless but there was a flicker 
of worry in my voice. It seemed as though there always
was when I was around Marcus. He took my hands in

"Don't worry, nothing's gonna happen. And besides, I
/tried/ to do that lovey-dovey crap your into by throwing
pebbles at your window. The rope ladder is in a sorry
lump on your front lawn" I laugh

"That was you? God that sound was pissing me off!
Anyway...why are you here? I thought you were 
working tonight?"

"I got someone to cover my shift. I have a surprise for
you. We're heading out!"

"Where are we going?" I ask, he stopped and gave me
a look. 

"It's a surprise, Fran. A /surprise/. Now wear this blind
fold and take my hand." He said. I bit my lip, hesitating.
"Do you trust me?" he held out his hand.

I faltered a bit and then slowly took it. Layla would 
have to cover for herself. The only back I was watching
 tonight was my own.
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