I adore this set, I think it's darling(:

1- Pink, pink pink & more pink. Pink is your best friend.
2- Smell amazing. 
3- Keep it classy, never trashy.
4- There is no such thing as overaccessorizing.
5- Be smart.
6- Be confident.
7- Be pretty.
8- Carry yourself like you know that you are smart, confident, & pretty.
9- Read.
10- Pamper yourself.
11- Animals are your friends.
12- Never change for anybody. 
13- EVER.
14- Don't play dumb. It's not cute.
15- Eat really healthy. Don't obsess over it. But eat healthy
16- You deserve a treatevery once and awhile, though. (;
17- Ignore the haters. They are J E A L O U S, in every way possible.
18- Do what you want.
19- Be sweet to everybody.
20- You don't need a man to be complete. They can be like dogs.
21- Wear heels as much as possible. People are under you. Literally. (;
22- Never slouch! Have really good posture.
23- Have a clean room.
24- Dress up when the occasion calls for it. Dress pretty and cute when the occasion doesn't call for it. 
25- Have pretty handwriting.
26- Cursive is not just for old ladies.
27- Tea parties, anybody?
28- S M II L E is your best accessory, U S E it.
29- Wear a touch of pink in every outfit.
30- Wear a touch of lace in every outfit. Even if it's just on your panties. (: Speaking of that, wear cute panties- ALWAYS.
31- Be Y O U.

I hope you guys liked it (: I called the inner princess in me for this one!

Love you(;
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