Tiphaine “Tippy” Slater
Age: 22
Birthday: September 23
Hood: Hermosa Beach
School: UCLA
Style: Tanks, babydolls, and short shorts – basically, anything casual that shows off her body.
Music: Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, Rooney
Bio: Tippy is a bombshell surfer girl. Don’t be fooled by her blonde hair, she’s super smart and pre-med at UCLA. All the girls want to be her and all the boys want to be with her. She seems to have it all, but will her looks earn her the reputation of the easiest girl at Rumor Mill?
Looks: Bar Rafaeli

Story Time!

Catching what seemed to be the last good wave of the morning, I wiped the salty water off my face and held onto the wave until I hit shore. I quickly jumped off the board, and threw it over my shoulder as I walked back to where I had laid my school stuff on the sand. I towel-changed, and walked over to the nearest lifeguard tower, which, I had been told, was currently occupied by a cute lifeguard. It was around 8 in the morning--the surf is best in the early morning, and I was going to class at 9. I had cut a gash on the side of my knee from the fin of my longboard, and I needed to hurry and get it wrapped up so that I would have time to go to the Rumor Mill to wash my clothes. The lifeguard tower that I was going to was the one next to the Hermosa Pier, and I prayed that he was in there. I walked up to the tower and knocked on the door. I thought of what I would say when the lifeguard came out. 

"Yo. What's up?" he said. He /was/ pretty cute... 

"Hey!" I said, while flashing him a smile, "I got cut up in the surf... D'ya think you can mend me?" 

"Sure! Let's see it.... Ouch. That looks like it had to hurt!" He said, while scrunching up his face. 

"Yeahh... Cut it on the fin. I was being stupid and backed off on a huge set, but it pounded me anyways. Anyhoo, do you think you can do it kind of fast? I have to be in class at 9, and have to do a little laundry beforehand..." I said, while mentally numbering off the things I had to do.

"Yeah, yeah. Where do you go to school?" he asked.

"UCLA. I'm pre-med--OUCH!" I shouted when he put rubbing alcohol on it to disinfect the gash.

"Then shouldn't you know how to do this stuff?" he asked, jokingly, "I mean, you /are/ going to become a doctor, right?" 

"Yeah.. Eventually, I suppose. I just kind of have to get through medical school, which requires me to be on class ontime every morning, which requires YOU to be quick! And, I don't have the supplies needed to mend this thing on me all the time, silly!" 

"Riiiight. Well, I'm off the job right now, actually. I can give you a ride to your laundromat of choice, if you'd like," he said while he hopped up from his chair.

"Awesome! That'd be great! Umm, do you have room to clip on a board on top?" I asked.

"Yeeahh... Where are you going to put it once you get there though?" he asked, looking at me strangely.

"Ohh, I'll just leave it at the laundromat. I know people who would watch it for me. They probably won't be very happy about it, but who really cares, right?" I said, smiling. 

We walked through the entrance to the pier, watching people ride bikes through the place and seeing people gag from the smell of last night's beer spillage at Hennessey's--the local pub. I laughed, but kept walking, making sure to keep up with the athletic strides of Mr. Lifeguard. I had just realized that I didn't know his name...

"Yo. You. What's your name?" I said, and he turned around with his eyebrows raised.

"Yes, me? My name is James. You?"

"Tiphaine. But people mainly call me 'Tippy'," I clearly explained, an act that would hopefully help me evade awkward jokes about my name.

"That's tiiiiiippy," James said, in the way people would say "that's triiiiiiiiipy". I laughed. We finally reached his car, an old and beat up Jeep. I hooked my board on the top, and climbed into the car. My knee was hurting from all of the walking, but I shook it off. We talked a little about lifeguard training--I had been interested in getting it as a summer job to earn some extra cash, but never have actually taken the initiative. In about 30 minutes, we reached the Rumor Mill, and I got my board and all my junk for school out of his car. 

"Hey, thanks for the ride, James!" I called, over my shoulder as I started to walk in.

"Anytime! Come and visit me at my tower sometime! I get lonely!" he yelled to me, and I laughed and waved goodbye without turning around. 

I walked casually into the Rumor Mill and pulled out my laundry when I heard hushed voiced. 'Huh', I thought, 'so this is where this place gets its name...'. I walked closer to them, and could hear two girls talking. 

"Cain /will/ hook up with me, I know it," I heard a girl say, and I guessed it was Lydia. She could get practically any guy she wanted, and I'm not going to say that many of the customers at the Rumor Mill were jealous of her. 

"Yeah, it definitely doesn't look like it," said the other girl, and guessed this time that it was Nanie. "Why don't you just move on? He's obviously not interested, Lyd."

I smirked. It is always nice to have a little dirt on someone, even if I wasn't the bad girl around the Rumor Mill. But I was willing to leave that image behind for the sake of, well, let's just call it, being true to my... laundromat?

if you read all that, i would like to ask you a favor :) which tryout was more suited for my personality--Tippy or Lena? i'm having the hardest time deciding who I want as my #1 choice...

i put Lena first because I felt that I should, but I really like both Lena and Tippy, so I would be happy with either character. Sorry for being difficult :D
1. Lena
2. Tippy
3. Scarlette Fen
4. Kristina Madison

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