It was a beautiful sunny morning and not a cloud in the sky. You woke up wanting to go for a jog but your boyfriend thought otherwise. "Harry I love you but please let go!" You tell your boyfriend Harry styles. "No I want to cuddle. " he states his grip around you becoming tighter. "We can cuddle after my jogging. " you try to bargain. "But it looks gloomy outside!" He whined. "No it's not" you say as you get up to open the curtain. "Oh" Harry said. "Come on babe! Lets go for a walk!" He said jumping up. You laughed at his sudden change of thought. 

Half an hour later you were both at the park on the running track. "See I told you this would be good" you say as you both stop for a drink. "But I'm the one who pulled you out of bed!" Harry teased as he grabbed you around your waist. "Now now styles please do remember we are in a public environment." You giggle as Harry pulls you close to him. "I know. " he says smiling as he kisses you gently. Suddenly you both hear clicks and flashlights going off. "Shoot!" Harry mutters looking around at the paparazzi. You then had an idea. "Hey babe." You call over to Harry. "Yeah" he replies. "Race you back to the car, loser is a deer in the headlights." You say. Harry quickly caught on to your idea. "You're on!" He says as he begins to run past you. Five minutes later you were both seated in the car panting. "Babe that was a genius idea. " Harry said. "Well I think that's enough running for today. " you say. "Yeah let's go before more paparazzi's turn up!" Harry said quickly starting the car. And funnily enough as soon as you pulled out you heard pictures being taken of your car driving away. 

~sorry! This ones a little short~

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