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June 17: FREE DAY
I'm going to catch up as much as I can! :3
Peering over the wooden railing, I climbed the steps leading up to Lightening Falls, where my first shift of the day would be taking place, as it usually did, a yawn slipping out of my glossed up mouth as I went up them, stair by stair, ready to start my early day at work, all set in my bikini, the bright color peeping out of my kimono style shirt, my denim shorts on my as.s, and my flat sandals smacking their way up the stairs. 
After the previous nigh at the club, I wasn't sure how I was feeling. Suddenly though, I yearned for something new, for something to let me breach out of my comfort zone. I wanted a chance. So, dying the tips of my hair cotton candy pink was exactly what I needed, and luckily, I loved it. It was fun, perfect for summer and just enough to give me a little bit of edge… or a little bit of something, change, mainly, but it was also a way for me to forget, a way to reinvent myself. 
Once I got out of treatment, I dyed my normally black hair, brown, dark brown, and I used that as a way to be the new me. To be the new, recovered me, in a sense. And now here I was, with blonde hair, bubblegum tips, and I felt brand new, fresh, reinvented. 

"Pink hair," Nik muses as I reached the top of the very tall tower, the blazing sun already beating down on me, causing me to loosen the kimono top, letting it fall and my tanned stomach and bikini top show fully. "How original," He laughs. 

I shrug my shoulders simply before giving an answer, "I needed a change," I say, looking down at the stick straight ends. 

"A change to fill the void of not getting any in months?" He says, partially jokingly, partially seriously. Call me crazy, but in my short time of working with Nikolai, I had mastered his meanings behind his comments towards me. Whether they were serious, whether they were joking, whether they were half and half, whatever it was, I had managed to be able to detect. 

I stuck out my tongue at him, "Shut up," I reply, rolling my eyes, God, how he got annoying. "At least I'm not putting myself at risk and getting some with a dumb, blonde, university sl.t."

He looks taken aback, "That girl was not a dumb, university sl.t," He says defensively, "She was actually very nice."

"Oh yeah?" I raise an eyebrow, looking at him questingly, "And have you talked to her since?"


"My point exact," I laugh. 

"Just because I have a few one night stands doesn't make it slitty," He looks at me seriously.

"Um, yeah, it kinda does," I look at him, raising both eyebrows, 'Isn't that the classic, real definition of a sl.t?" 

He smiles suddenly, looking at me, "I bet you've never even gotten any,"

"No," I snort, lying, "I've had boyfriends,"

He laughs, shaking his head, hair flipping, "Lux, just because you've had boyfriends doesn't mean you've gotten any,"

I roll my eyes at him, he really did get annoying sometimes… or all of the times. He wasn't as unfriendly as normally though. It was if something had shifted inside of him now, a switch turning on and off. "Shut up."

"I'm right, aren't I?" I could feel him smiling at me even though I had now turned my back to him, leaning on the wooden railing, overlooking the park, the water park, specifically, the early morning sun casting a golden glow on the pools of water beginning to start up, the roller coasters bright paint gleaming in the left distance. 

"You're annoying," I answer simply, rolling my eyes once again and turning back and glancing at him. 
God, how he was gorgeous, too. Gorgeous /and/ annoying. 

"I'm about as right about this as you were about Paul liking Sunday," He trills, laughing hard, "But don't worry, I'll keep your little secret, innocent one,"

"Innocent," I laugh, "You're funny,"

"Am I?"

"Yeah, maybe," I look at him, my eyes lingering over him, his shirtless body, his face, his low slung shorts. 
After the night at the club, I had been thinking about all Paul had said, as well as the image of Nik and that b.mbo had been permanently branded into the back of my mind. 
The thoughts tangled themselves in my mind and made me so confused. My emotions were confused, my brain was confused, but most of all, my heart was confused, I was just so unsure of everything. Suddenly the black and white I had seen Nik and I as had turned into a mucky grey, so unsure, nothing for positive. 
And that… that scared me slightly. Because suddenly, the feelings were taking over and in full control of everything, actions included, while not really fully sure of what they were doing, what they were feeling. 

"So…." I trail off, looking at him, "How was she?" I ask finally as he comes beside me, leaning over the wooden railing, our bodies so close. 

"How was she what?" He asks me, looking genuinely confused causing me to let out a giggle. 

"Her…" I grin, "In bed,"

I could see his face blush a deep shade, "Uh… so so," He shrugs his muscular shoulders, "Could've been better,"

I chuckle, looking at his adorable face, "So the bad boy blushes," I smile, "Surprise, surprise… you're just full of them."

"Just as much as the good girl blushes," He laughs. 

I raise an eyebrow, a smile still on my lips, "What are you talking about?"

"I saw you blush when Paul said about how you look at me," He winks. 

I laugh, "Don't flatter yourself, I wasn't blushing,"

"Yes," He smiles, "You were,"

"Uh, no," I snap, "I wasn't."

He looks at me, a strange smile suddenly appearing on his face, "Lux, you were," He laughs lightly, softly, "But it's cool. It was cute,"

I raise both of my eyebrows, staring at him, in shock, "Did you just call me cute?" I say slowly.

"I've always had a thing for girls with pink hair,"

I look at him before being completely taken by surprise. 
He leans forward and kisses me, softly, it's quick, a peck, gone in a second with a lasting impression. 
And once I pull out, I look at him, grinning softly and biting my lip, feeling my cheeks glow and blush all at the same time before looking over to see the park beginning to fill up, visitors already grabbing their tubes to come up the slide. 
"Come on, let's get back to work, lover boy," 

And so I turn back, away from the raining, looking at Nikolai from the corner of my eye, smiling gently to myself as I felt the butterflies beginning to fill up, up, up, taking up all the space and beginning to overpower me, exactly as the original feelings had. 
Except now, the feelings were different. 
They were mutual.
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