Aloha lovelies(: Catharine here with a new tip..I've been seriously inactive lately due to I couldn't remember our password! Its all good now though<3 So yesterday i posted a few of the tips that were here is number one!

A lot of people want to get fit, win a race, or simply be able to say.."I ran__miles today!". However, for some poeple, that is simply unrealistic. But it won't be forever! Thsi guide will teach you the step by steps and will possibly have a follow up running plan!

~~What to wear:

*sneakers (duh!) choosing the right pair of sneakers is one of the most important thing in starting to run. if you don't, you could end up with aching feet! modells, dicks, and famous footwear are good for getting new shoes!
* i recommend wearing a tshirt~it's simple, comfortable, and easy to wash for your next day of running. Plus, who doesn't own a few(: It's a good way to save money!
* shorts/sweatpants~if it's spring/summer or even a warm fall, i recommend wearing shorts because it gets hot out. Now i am not talking about jean shorts from abercrombie, i would say get a few different pairs of soffee shorts. They are SO comfortable, but that''s just my opinion(: sweatpants are def. better for the winter/fall
*make sure to put your hair back in a ponytail if it is long enough.
some extra tips to help you out:
*water, water, WATER! so important you are hydrated while you exercise
* if you have to walk, WALK, do not push yourself to past your limits. running to the best of your ability is the best thing to do when just starting out!
*grab a friend! it's so much more fun to run with a friend then it is to run alone!
* listen to music!

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