If you are new to reading these imagines, I suggest you read back to “Darcy’s Elementary School Graduation” and the ones after that. It may help you understand some things going on.

You were standing, poised to start running, next to you husband Harry at the starting line.
“Runners are ready… Get set… GO!” gunfire went off that triggered everybody at the starting line to begin to run. This is what you and Harry had been training for for a long time now. You ran, ponytail swinging, on the next to Harry.

You were running for only a little while before you passed you group.
“GO (Y/N) AND HARRY!!!!”

You looked over to your group and saw your daughters Darcy and Sophia, your son Trevor, your mom (you asked her to keep an eye on the kids), Zerrie, their sons Wyatt and Tristan, ElLOUnor, Payzer, their baby Mia, and Niall with a girl you’ve never seen. You hoped that this girl wouldn’t be like Kayla.

You and Harry finished in 22nd place out of 600 people! After the marathon, Harry took his phone out of his pocket to call your mom and ask where your group was. He told you that the group was in the parking lot. You and Harry grabbed your medals and headed towards the parking lot.

Once you neared the lot, you heard, “There they are!” Cheers and applause instantly came from everybody.

“Congratulations guys!” everybody yelled.

“Thanks everyone. Now who’s up for some Taco Bell?!” Harry exclaimed, “It’s all on me!” Everybody got in their cars and met at the nearest Taco Bell where everybody pigged out, especially you and Harry.

“I’m so proud of you,” Harry whispered in your ear and kissed you on the cheek.

“Aww thanks honey,” you responded with a hug. You were sitting at your table of many combined tables next to Niall’s new girlfriend.

“Hi! I’m (Y/N),” you greeted, shaking her hand.

“Hello, I’m Lucy,” she replied in a British accent. 

“Cool! So how long have you and Niall been dating for?” you asked.

“For three days now. Your kids are so great. Darcy never stops talking about you,” Lucy stated, taking a bite out of her burrito. How sweet! You could tell that Lucy wouldn’t be much like Kayla.

This chapter was just to kind of let you guys know that Niall got a new girlfriend. :)
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