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lennon eddison
intro - cats

lennon eddison, 20
nickname; len, lenny
current location; london, england
hometown; belfast, ireland
likes; indie/alternative music, her guitar, writing, american apparel, daisies, concerts, lana del rey, tattoos, old movies, singing, youtube, new york city
dislikes; hospitals, ignorance, facebook, regret, being alone 
bio; lennon is an old soul. born and raised in the music business, it was always her dream to move to new york city and be the next lady gaga of alternative music. at a young age, her parents divorced, and she moved to london with her dad. he got a recording studio and became a music producer, until he was killed two years ago in a car accident. now, lennon lives in a small but comfortable apartment, making minimum wage at a coffee shop while struggling with her own music career. her father left her almost nothing, and she has not been in contact with her mother since she left ireland. basically, she’s all alone. she hasn’t really had a serious relationship since university, where she and her high school sweetheart broke up when he left london. they had been together for three years, and he was the one who really brought her out of her shell and encouraged her to pursue her passion. now, she spends her hours writing music, performing at small venues and of course, blogging.
blog URL;
model; daisy lowe

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be so kind and introduce yourselves. there's not much to know about me. i'm a musician, i live in london and i dream to one day live in new york city.
xx lennon



ethan carmichael; 21
bio: being lennon’s best friend, ethan comes from a very wealthy family in a small suburb west of london. He ran away from home at the age of sixteen, but his father continues to send him money, as a way to apologize for being such a terrible dad. Now he spends most of his time with lenny, robbie and rachel, he’s studying commerce at uol and he lives in a penthouse along with his very subtly luxurious lifestyle.
model: adam brody

ryan portland; 21
bio: ryan is an artist/photographer studying at uol as well. This is where he and lenny meet. Ryan also lives in london, and his parents died in a plane crash when he was seven, so he doesn’t have any family around. He is from new york, but he moved to london when he was 18. He does have a small crush on Lennon, and vice versa. 
model: andrew garfield
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