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Okay, so I saw Jurassic World with my boyfriend on opening night and it was actually amazing. 
I mean it had it's flaws. Like there was too many people in the cast and it was a little hard to follow with the main villain and I hated the romance between Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt. It was so unneeded. The plot with the kids was boring, but I could overlook most of those. 

BUT OH MY GOSH, it really captured the spirit of Jurassic Park (Noted, I have not seen the 2nd or 3rd movie...yet) It was great in the CGI and the setups were suspenseful and grand. And even though I really didn't care for the characters plot wise, I loved these characters personality wise. I just wish the plot was a bit stronger. 

AND LET'S TALK ABOUT CHRIS PRATT AS RAPTOR DAD OH MY GOODNESS! It was...adorably attractive...yeah, it was.

And Bryce Dallas Howard was so fierce and fabulous. The last scene (spoilers, but not too much!) where she holds the torch and opens the gate and guides the T-Rex to the other dinosaur for them to fight was hella epic! And in heels, I might add. She is fierce. She is the true hero of Jurassic World. Yes, Yes, Yes. 

And even though it was a small role, I wanted more of Jake Johnson's character. He was just really funny. I wish the movie was more about him. He also had the funniest part in the movie. 

Girl Worker "Someone has to stay behind."
Jake Johnson "That'll be me. I'll do it"
Jake Johnson *Heroic music builds as he walks up to the girl as if he's about to kiss her*
Girl Worker "I have a boyfriend"

Oh dear, God. That was funny! I kinda wish that would have happened to the two leads, but at least that happened so ha!

anyways...I'm not spoiling anything anymore. 

Even though it's a completely terrible idea for a theme park, I want to go to Jurassic World so bad. 

Well...maybe not, but I definitely want to possibly see in again in theaters soon. It's such a fun movie to experience like that. It's worth the price of admission. 

If you read this, comment your favorite dinosaur (mine is the brachiosaurus) and what you thought of the movie. Do you want to see it? Or is the originals just as much as you can take? Let me know!

Stay Golden, 

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