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Wrote one year ago
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@victoria2610 @mirellasandoval12 @quintan @symone-i @scafeer @anya-moscow @melisa-j @petriichor @blxsher @amandine-bk @heyitsrumbixo you’re the lush queen, my friend @catwxman you’re the coolest cat around @ayanella @onedirectionhipster @glitter-in-the-forest your glitter makes the world shine n-n @losanchez @americanirishprincess @camille-simone @vanessadxy you’re amazing, please never change

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@americanpicasso i love your sets a lot @kamakira message me! i miss you! @somewhere-only-we-know @not-like-the-movies-xo you would be my twin except we don’t look alike and you’re in canada @rosewhocouldfly you seem to be in a lot of my fandoms hmm @sighbrows you’re super duper awesome m8, keep it up @shannoncreates @haley-23 @mirandabab3 @meta-morphosis your sets are the grooviest ever @hungergames-gurl @disneycowgirl16 @styleboy stef! you’re always so positive, please never change! @kittykat-horan kat! you’re super amazing, okay? good. @him-nd-paradise @absurd-ambitions we haven’t talked long, but you’re awesome and know how to have an actual interesting conversation man @ohsnappanna @nancymalik @ghostluke you need to get a taglist so i can be on it man

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@alldew @happyasianxx dana, you’re the bestest @missjohanna02 ily a lot okay. ur blog is rad @thundxrstorms tes the best is the bestest. tes ur a lil giraffe ily @charms18 hello saumensch, ilysvm boo. you’re one of my best friends ever. @hannaelise1001 @cosmiccloves @r5-austinandally-taylorswift bethers you’re the sweetest indie/punk buddy out there @itsabeautifulworld hello there fellow elvish buddy ily @nerdygirlie-xo @originxl-ity your username couldn’t be more perfect for you @lukesbaeforlife @f-4bulous hello fellow band member fay/i and pinterest and sherlock buddy. ur very cool @brdfrdzen na’eema you’re the coolest disney buddy ever. yep. mhmm. @fearlessangel7 wHoa niCoLe hey stay coolio @radioactives @vanessadxy weyhey there keep it real my friend @hpforever00 you’re basically me only you’re you and that’s cool too


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