Runway story RP

Ren’s POV

‘Stop nagging and try that on!’ 

I was sitting on the bed and waiting for Jiyoon to present me another outfit.

‘Models have to wear what designer gives them.’ I stated.

‘But I don’t know how to put this on!’ There was a sound of desperation in her voice; it was true – I gave her random clothes, some from my own wardrobe, some were bought by me earlier that day – and I tried to pick the weirdest one I could find. She should learn that clothes on fashion shows are different than her ordinary rags.

‘Aish, stop whining!’ I was bored and annoyed by waiting. ‘Just put that on!’

When she appeared in the room I lazily raised my head to check how she was presenting the outfit;
And she was doing it in rather unexpected way – the cloth was hanging from between her palms, at the same height as her exposed hip. She was leaning on door’s frame and her face was showing no other than frustration. I’m surprised I was able to notice all of that when my sight was mostly focused on her naked chest.

“I give up, I don’t even know which one of those holes is for head.” She said.
When I fought the shock and inability to speak I started to yell in a really high voice.
“What?” She shrugged her shoulders like nothing was wrong – like standing wearing only panties was the most ordinary thing in the world.

I jumped off the bed and grabbed it’s covers to put it around Jiyoon’s shoulders.
“I said: we should stop training for today. And it’s cold, isn’t it?” I tried to act cool.
“Not really.”
To prevent her from taking the cover off I pushed her back to the bathroom. “Let’s go out! I’m hungry!”

That night I spent in the bathroom; I should consider myself lucky that Jiyoon had bathtub there and I could – quite- comfortably sit there. I couldn’t felt asleep next to her: her warm breathe on my cheek was way to disturbing, especially with the memory of her exposed body. 

I wetted my face with cold water. Yes, that memory was way to disturbing. 

The next day we met with Ha Seon noona, and Jiyoon was smoothly casted to the show. I wasn’t surprised – Jiyoon was beautiful enough to be a model.

When we left the restaurant, she hit me on shoulder.

I rolled my eyes – in front of Ha Seon noona she could act like a lady but in front of me she was back to her boyish self.

“What that was for?” I pointed at place where she had hit me.
“That was all? Just a conversation? I was casted based on conversation?”
“Mostly based look. You should thank me I bought you such nice clothes and made you this make up.”
“When why you tortured me with that training? With trying on weird clothes, or walking in killer shoes?”
“You will need that later.” I smirked. “Besides, you’re cute when you’re mad!” I earned another punch in shoulder for that.

The evening we were spending together at her place; cuddled on sofa and watching a horror; considering the fact we both were scared, and it was already dark outside, we screamed from time to time, and hugged each other tighter.

When the phone rang, Jiyoon felt of the sofa, while I screamed.
“It’s just phone, phone.” She said, laughing and turning on light. “Yes?” She answered the phone.

I observed how her expression changed: she was both sad and worried, and there wasn’t even a shadow of her previous smile. 

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes!” She ended the call.

When she grabbed jacket to put it on, I stopped her.
“You’re not going anywhere.” 
“Kapi Kapi run away.”
I didn’t know who he was but I had feeling the call was from that j.erk Yasuo; she wouldn’t hurried like that for anyone else.

“You said you want to watch a movie with me! That when it’s cold outside you want to stay in home!” I accused her. 
“Haven’t you heard me well: Yasuo’s dog run away!”
“It’s his problem.” 
She glared at me. “I’m going to look for that dog until I find it, and you won’t stop me.” She pulled out her arm from my grasp.
“Go! Catch a cold and look for the dog all night! Just don’t be late for tomorrow’s training with Ha Seon!”

For an hour I was doing nothing than sitting on floor. I was frustrated. I was jealous. But mostly I was worried about Jiyoon walking alone at night. 

I tried to understand why she was doing it; why she was wandering on dark streets, calling ‘Kapi Kapi!’, while strong wind was probably making her freeze. She could wear something warmer!

She could catch a cold and as a result loose the opportunity to become a model –who would want a model with runny nose?
Why she was doing it? Why she was sacrificing herself?

The answer was simple: for him; she was ready to do anything for him.

What was more surprising, or even shocking for myself, I was ready to do anything for her.

I put on jacket and wrapped a scarf around my neck; I didn’t forget to take cell phone and umbrella, just in case of rain. And I left cosy and warm apartment to look for the dog.

It started to rain the moment I arrived at park; after a call to her we decided to meet there and look for Kapi Kapi together. 

I hide myself under umbrella and kept calling the dog. Soon my socks were wet; I should wear different type of shoes. 

I felt miserable. Wet, alone, and with the thought the girl I was doing all of that for was in love with someone else.

And then I heard barking. Little monster covered in mud attacked me. It stood on two paws, and tried to bite off my head…

..or to lick my check.
“Get off me!” I pushed the beast who now was innocently sitting and waving its tail. “Kapi Kapi?”
“Bow-wow!” The beast answered and happily waved its tail even more.
“Nice to meet you.” I patted its head carefully, with disgust on my face: the dog was dirty and stinky.
“We should look for Jiyoon now.”
“Bow-wow!” The dog started running.
“Yah, wait!!”

I followed the dog and soon we found her. And him.

Jiyoon and Yasuo were in phone booth; there probably hide there when it started to rain.

Seeing how they were looking at each other, and how close their faces were I could predict what was going to happen. And I wasn’t going to just stand outside and stare.

You can call me ‘ block Ren’ but I did entered the booth, right between them.
The three of us, squeezed together in booth felt very awkward: especially them, pretending that I didn’t ruin their romantic moment.
“I found your dog.” I announced.
“Kapi Kapi!” The both of them very happy to see the dog and started petting it, despite limited space of the booth.
When I was hit with elbow in stomach again I decided to stop that sweet reunion.
“I’ll call taxi.” I announced.

In Yasuo’s house Jiyoon was wiping the dog with towel; I wonder whether she was actually caring more for Yasuo or for the animal.

Me and Yasuo were sitting on both sides of her
“Thank you.” He said. He was indeed very grateful for helping him find the dog – to the point he tried to thank me with hug. 
“Can you explain me why this beast run away?” I asked, still glaring at him with disgust to give him a signal that I do mind his presence near me.
“I went to the cinema with Nana, and forgot to close the door. How stupid I am!”
“Yes, you are.” I confirmed. I received a glare from Jiyoon.
“When my dad noticed Kapi’s absence he sent me message, so I left the cinema and started looking for him.”
“And Nana?” Jiyoon asked.
“You know what she did; she’s mad at me for choosing Kapi over date with her.”
He laughed but the way he was looking at Jiyoon was intense. 

I know what that meant; he realized how shallow Nana was; he realized that in every situation he could count on his best friend. And he realized that his friend was actually a girl worth liking.
‘To late’ I thought, glaring at him challengingly. ‘You realized that too late. You don’t deserve her.

“Do you have any plans for weekend?” He asked.
“No, right Ren? No training on weekend?” I was glad she remembered about that.
“It depends…” It depends on what Yasuo was going to suggest.
“We are going outside the city to celebrate Sims 18th birthday.” He smirked. 
“You’re taking him to the haunted house?” Jiyoon smiled.
“We need to check whether he’s man now or still little boy. You’re going with us, right?”
“Of course! You know I’m the best ghost among us!”

I didn’t fully get what they were talking about; Yasuo, Jiyoon and few other boys were friends and they have their memories and traditions I wasn’t part of.

So it surprised me when Yasuo invited me too.

It surprised me he was friendly towards me.

But I wasn't going to be friendly;I was going to fight for Jiyoon.


Finally an update!

Can't wait to find time to write about their trip to the haunted house:)
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