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Qian stepped in and waited for him to give her a pair of slippers.
“I won’t give you because you’re leaving. Goodbye!” he said and opened the door.
“Call your manager.” She spoke, not moving an inch, even though he already put his hand on her shoulder. She was standing still, but he was powerful so she slipped outside. He pouted at her and slammed the door.

In the next few minutes, he opened the door and let her enter. “Thanks~” she smiled as she removed her shoes. She entered in the living room and took a sit on the sofa.

“Ya! Hyeong said you will do what ajumma was doing. So, cook me breakfast!” he said sitting comfortably on the sofa, turning on the tv. 

She looked at him with ‘jugeullae?’ look and stood up. “Where’s the bathroom?” she asked, removing her coat.
“You don’t need to know that.” He said.
“Do you still want to eat breakfast?” she asked.
“Upstairs.” He replied.

She came back quickly and went in the kitchen, which was next to the living room. She could also watch tv from there. She opened the fridge and looked for milk. And then she searched everywhere until she could find a box of Cheerios. He actually did eat Cheerios? She remembered the times when a bee pinched her while she was stealing honey. Since then, 6 years old, was back then, she didn’t touch honey. Qian poured hot milk in a bowl and added cereals and a spoon. She took the bowl with both her palms and went to him. It was really burning her fingers. She placed the bowl on the glass table, in front of the sofa.

“Eat!” she said, sitting on the sofa, far away from him.
“Ya, you call this breakfast? My ajumma was cooking a royal meal!” he yelled.
“Ya, if you don’t want, don’t eat! Stop pissing me off!” she yelled back.
“That… I’m going crazy. I will eat! Did you add poison?” he asked and she rolled her eyes.

She took the remote control and switched the channel. They argued over the remote control for few minutes. And it fell on the floor, breaking into pieces.
“It was expensive… Ya!” he yelled throwing a pillow towards her.

While they were arguing again, the doorbell rang and she went to the door.
“Is a girl supposed to come?” she asked. He came to her and looked at the screen.
“Say I’m not home.” He said and quickly ran upstairs.

Qian opened the door and welcomed the guest. The girl looked familiar.
“Omo, Park Se Young-ssi?” Qian looked surprised.
“Ah yes.” The girl smiled. “Who are you and why are you here?”
“I’m cleaning the house. Park Se Young-ssi, why have you come?”
“I came to see Soohyuk. Where is he?”
“He’s…” Should she help him hide? Or should she tell her he’s hiding upstairs? Those kinds of thoughts came to her mind. “Not here.” Qian took a rag and moved to the staircase. She began polishing the handrail. Some time passed like that, and that girl wouldn’t move.

“Excuse me.”
“Yes?” Qian turned around to see the actress.
“I see this bowl of cereals. Where’s Soohyuk?”
“I told you he’s not here. Actually – come here a second!” Qian called Se Young to her. Se Young did as she was asked. “Actually he… went to hang himself.” Qian stated.

Park Se Young looked at her with big eyes. “Yes? But the bowl of cereal…”
“Listen, Se Young-ssi. I came here early to feed him and he told me he would hang himself. I offered to accompany him and cut the rope, but he refused. If I’ve known I’d have feed him a royal meal.”

Qian smiled in her evil mind. Se Young was still staring at her. 
“Don’t lie!” Se Young demanded. “He doesn’t want to see me, but I want to see him so-” she said pushing Qian aside, but he was saved by Se Young’s phone ringing. “Yes? Ah I understand. I will come. Look!” she said looking straight at Qian. “I will come back.”
“Yes, take care! Good bye” Qian bowed. After Se Young had left, Qian threw the rag on the staircase. “I hate him! Now I’ve to lie for him. Huàidàn!”

Soohyuk came out of his room and grabbed Qian’s nape. “I went to hang myself?”
“Let go!” she said and he did as she said. “You told me to tell her you’re not here. So, I’ve saved you. So, you better thank me!” she said, going to the living room.


“Aish, who was that girl?” Se Young asked as her manager opened the van’s door for her.
“Who are you talking about?”
“Oppa, there is a strange girl at Soohyuk’s place. Could you find more about her?”


“Hyeong~” Soohyuk said to the phone. “I told you I have to go right now.”
“Aish and I told you I’m busy right now. Qian-ssi is there? Go with her!” the manager hung up.

“Ya, you…” Soohyuk started and looked at Qian. She turned her head, her eyes were watching him. “We’ve to go somewhere.”

The both of them left the house. Even when walking, Soohyuk looked like a model. It looked like he was doing a catwalk. Qian followed him from behind. She didn’t like him at all! She thought he was the most arrogant man she saw in her entire life. She folded her palm and wanted to punch him. But she stopped.

The weather was worse than the previous day. They got at a café where he was supposed to meet his friends.
“Sorry, I’m late. Ya, YOU-” he said pointed to Qian. “Buy me a juice.”
“Listen, I’m…” she couldn’t finish because… Why couldn’t she finish? She just rolled her eyes and went to the counter.

“Nice lady, Soohyuk. Who’s her? Girlfriend?” asked one of the guys.
“Ya, how can you say that? She’s my stylist.” He replied.
“She’s really pretty. Anyway, how are you? I actually wanted to meet up because…”

“You?” Qian asked herself in Chinese. “He’d better watch his back because I won’t let him off. That arrogant model.” She continued. The young guy behind the counter looked at her, not understanding what she was saying.
“Customer? What would you like to order?” he asked.
“Mango juice.” She replied in Korean. “I hope he hates mango.”

She got her juice, paid for it and walked towards the three guys. She was facing the back of Soohyuk: even the way he sat on his chair annoyed her. 

“Ya, you!” Soohyuk looked at her.
“Yes?” she asked placing his juice on table.
“Go and buy me fruits. Take this and go!” he said handing her a piece of paper. She left the café.
“Ya, Soohyuk, why you made her go?” asked a friend of him.
“Because I don’t want her to listen to our conversation. And now, talk!”

“That jerk!” Qian said in Chinese as she was walking on the road. “That jerk! Who in the world does he think he is? That punk!”
“Excuse me!” a lady said stopping Qian. An elegant lady – she was beautiful – with a warm smile. “What’s wrong?” she asked analyzing Qian.

Qian smiled. “Some jerk is really a jerk. Except that, no problem at all.”
“Are you Chinese? What’s your name?” the lady asked.

Qian’s expression changed. Why was that girl interested in her?
“Yes, I am. I’m Chi En.” She replied, giving her the name in Korean.
“You’re not very tall…” that girl stated.
“I’m not…” she started. ‘Today – because I’m not wearing heels’ she continued in her mind.
“But I will give you a chance.” The lady said. Qian was looking at the man next her. He was flawless – was he the lady’s boyfriend? “I’m doing a fashion show for Zuanshi. Wanna join?” the lady asked Qian.
“Well, it’s a bit strange because we just met… okay I will join.” She smiled, thinking that being a model doesn’t mean she had to follow Soohyuk all day.
“Come tomorrow at the company for training. Then…” both the lady and the man bowed. Qian smiled and lowered her head as well.

“A model?” she asked, smiling. “Oh this is the best day ever!” she said 


 thanks for reading ^^ and I know: my sets are plain... sorry, I will work harder!
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