Runway story RP
JiYoon’s POV

“Are you comfortable?” Yasuo asked when we were seated in his car, ready for the trip to ‘haunted’ house.
Despite being squished on back seat with Ren’s enormous suitcase, I lied. “Yes, it’s very comfortable here.” I tired to say in cheerful voice.
“I was asking Ren.” Yasuo said and it was like cold shower; how he could ask him about that? Ren, seated on front seat had enough space, unlike me. And he wasn’t previous day tortured by model’s training. It was my legs and feet that were hurt and needed enough space to rest; instead were curled among various things we needed to take with us.

Ren looked back at me, and I could read surprise in his eyes. He probably could read pain in mine.

“Um, yes. But hyung shouldn’t Jiyoon sit here? I’m fine sitting on backseat.” 
“Back seat is for girls.” Yasuo laughed.
“Thank you for finally considering me as a girl!” I sarcastically said trying to find a good position to sit.

Yasuo started the engine and we got underway. 


During our way to the house I noticed Yasuo talked a lot with Ren; I was still part of their conversation but he asked a lot of question to the young boy and I was happy seeing how he tried to become friends with Ren.

On the other hand, Ren didn’t feel comfortable with that questioning; he apparently wasn’t used to talking about himself. 

When we stopped to stretch our legs, Ren went to nearest shop to buy some snacks and I was left alone with Yasuo.
I know him enough well to tell something was worrying him.
“Oppa, is everything alright?” I asked sitting on car’s bonnet next to him. His hair were floating around his face thanks to strong wind, and I hardly fought the urge to put it behind his ear.
“I don’t know what is happening with me.”
I knew it wasn’t wise to push him so I silently waited for him to continue.

“Isn’t it strange I want to take care of Ren?” He asked.
I laughed. Couldn’t stop that.
“Strange? Ren is our dongsaeng! It’s natural we want to take care of him.” I patted his shoulder. “Talk of the devil and the devil appears.”

Ren was walking in our direction, with plastic bag full of snacks handing from his hand. That day he didn’t wear any of his glamorous clothes; just a simple shirt and pair of jeans; he also tied up his hair like I once told him to do (because he looked way much better with hair like that).

I sighed (and I think Yasuo did the same); why Ren couldn’t be older? And straight? I would fall for him immediately instead of being in one sided love.

“I don’t know what you like so I bought everything they have.” Ren said and the three of us burst into a fit of laughter.

When we were about to get into car again, Ren took backseat. When Yasup looked at him with question in his eyes, the young boy answered: “I feel a bit tired and I can’t fall asleep nowhere else than on backseat.” He explained.

I smiled at him and silently said ‘thank you’, feeling he was doing it for me, and my comfort of the rest of the journey.

We arrived at the haunted house before the rest of the boys; that was our plan.

I was going to disguise myself as ghost and hide myself while Ren and Yasuo were unpacking in one of the rooms and waiting for arrival of Sims, 5Zic and Cream, our friends.

I hide myself in one of the rooms, and when I was in my ghost outfit, I simply took a book and started reading it, waiting for Yasuo’s signal. 

 Heard loud voices of my friends; Cream was already rapping his own song about alcohol and various aspects of parties – he indeed was in good mood.

I stayed where I was, calmly waiting even though it would be much more fun to just join them.

And then I heard unfamiliar noise; it was coming from the basement that was next to the place where I was.
[ost: ; starts at 4:15]
I slowly was moving in opposite direction; I wasn’t stupid blonde to walk alone to the source of weird – and scary – noises.

And then someone put a hand on my shoulder; I didn’t check who that was, I pushed that person and run out of the room, and then quickly upstairs, hearing steps behind me. 

A pair of arms were wrapped around me, and I was ready to scream, kick and fight for my life, even if the ghost couldn’t be affected by my punches.


“JiYoon, it’s me!” Yasuo’s voice immediately calmed me down. 
“Yasuo!” I turned around and hanged my hands around his neck, hugging him slightly. “You scared me!”
“You scared me!” He said. I let him from my hug and looked at him in surprise.
“You entered this room in such a rush.” He continued.
“So you were here, not in that room next to the basement?”
He nodded. “I was here preparing the rest of our show”. 
I looked around to see all those Halloween props that we were going to use to scare Sims.

“If it wasn’t you, than who followed me from the basement room…?”
Yasuo put his arm round my shoulders to encourage me – but in fact he needed encouragement too – we both were scared.

Until we heard laughter; it was Ren standing in door’s frame.
“OMG, shame you can’t see your faces!” He was pointing at us. It was all his prank.
“You little..!” One part of me wanted to hit him, but other was laughing; I was impressed he managed to scare me.
“It’s time to scare Sims hyung.” He announced. 
“Next time you’re going to play ghost!” I said following him in my long white dress.


When Sims stopped hating us for scaring him and ma king him scream like kindergarten kid, we started our little party. 
After eating a lot of – unhealthy – food and drinking cans of beer we were in good mood; Sims was relieving stress by dancing on table and keep asking our oldest ‘hyung’, 5Zic, to join him. 

Yasuo and Ren were fighting who were going to dance with me; by fighting I mean each of them were holding one of my hands and pulling in his direction. It would flatter me if not the fact I was more like a toy in their hands than a girl, as they push and pulled me between them.
When the song was over, unexpected happen: Yasuo and Ren kissed me on my cheeks, thanking me for ‘the dance’.

The rest of the night was filled with laughter and fun, as we all joked and ate even more of unhealthy food.

It was around morning, when we were sleeping (boys on the floor, I on very old and stinky sofa), when a loud noise woke us up.

The door of the room where we where were suddenly opened with loud bang, and the noise was coming closer. A black mass flew inside the room.

We run outside probably with the speed of light, abandoning our belongings (mostly empty beer cans and plastic dishes). I tripped near the exit, and Ren who was the slowest helped me got up. Yasuo stopped only to grab Ren’s hand and run away together. If I had time I would felt betrayed but I was focused only on running. When we reached our cars, we closed ourselves there. 

Decision was simple: we were going back home immediately.

That day we were really scared; later it become for us unforgettable trip we were often recalling. And even though we realized that the black mass was in fact group of bats, we always related it was a real ghost.

What I recalled from that day with biggest pleasure was smiling faces of Ren and the boys; he finally found male friends for himself.

Ren's POV

When we were back at JiYoon's place, I didn't have much choice but to pack rest of my things and move back to hotel.

I knew she were going to kick me out; I knew I was going to hurt her.

But I was doing it all for her.

"Ren, what are you..?" She asked when she left the bathroom ready to go sleep and saw me fully dressed with packed suitcase.

"Jiyoon, remember how I asked you promised to do one thing for me?"
"Um, yes, and you wanted me to become a model."
"I changed my mind. I have different request."

She glared at me, waiting to hear it.
"Please stop crushing on Yasuo."
"It's too late to change your mind; I'm already suffering as model." She said like if she didn't hear my request.

"Stop crushing on him!"
"It's not THAT easy! And why you want that? You dislike him do much, even after all he did for you?"

"I like him. And I don't tell you to stop liking him as friend. I'm just telling you to stop crushing on him because he's not a man for you."

"Then who is man for me, can you tell me? Because I'm sick and tired of being alone! I don't care Yasuo doesn't love me now; at least I can hope he will one day."

I decided to say that even though I already regretted that.
"I don't want to see you suffer so I'll tell you truth even though I promise not to. Yasuo will never love you. Never. He likes me."

"Get out, Ren." She said, collapsing on bed. I wanted to go to her and comfort her; to give her my sleeve to wipe tears.

But instead I listened to her and left her apartment.


I didn't call taxi; I decided to walk all way back to hotel.

To think about cruelty of life: the three of us, me, Yasuo and Jiyoon, could be friends. But instead of that each of us was in on sided love: Jiyoon liked Yasuo who like me; and I like Jiyoon. Why could she saw that instead of crying her heart out for him?


Okay, so, I had that idea in my head for long time, to make that kind of triangle relationship between them,

but because I'm posting the story today it seems like I'm awful copycat, sorry @dinoburger .

Which means there's going to be another twist in plot in next story, I promise:)
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Wrote 4 years ago
Omo, omo I love this so much~ it's funny but the end is really sad~ All the songs fit so well your story. I liked the twist and thank you for posting. Post more soon~~

Wrote 4 years ago
lol You aren't a copycat!
That was an interesting twist. Can't wait to read what happens next! c:

Wrote 4 years ago
no wonder that Yasuo has a crush on Ren I mean hello! he is pretty xD
great story!

Wrote 4 years ago
omg 0.0 Wow I was not expecting this plot twist! (And now you say you are going to make another one 0.o)
it's so sad, I feel really bad for Ren. Just tell jiyoon that you are not gay!!!! aish -.-
Frustrated reader here, which means you've done your job well.
Oh and want to know something else? I was cheering for Ren the loudest when he came on with Nuest at K-Con because I fell in love with him after reading you story <3



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