En Cambio No {by} Laura Pausini <3
- - uhm yeah , I listen to music in different languages {and I understand everything they're saying}. I like Julieta Venegas also, and Belanova, and sometimes Fanny Lu, {all of these are passed on from @vintage-angel's music}
= = time for rwc = =
Saturday: Since we've exhausted all our usual party places this week, we're doing something a little more exciting. We're hiking all the way into the city and going club hopping. Make sure you have those fake ID's and short dresses. ;)

event ; clubbing
location ; everywhere! duhh
with ; Kate & Sierra
outfit ; in the set!
hair ; extra casual today, loose curls
makeup ; black eyeshadow, nude lipstick
mood ; drunk

“You have an appointment today. You forgot...didn’t you?” dad said looking down at me in my heels and dress. 

I sighed and threw them off. I’ve never been so annoyed of myself. ‘Zola just made herself look stupid because she forgets everything’ I mumbled to myself. As much as I hated to admit, I knew it was true. It’s one of the things I hate about myself...I hate forgetting ; and most of all, I hate being forgotten. 

“Besides, why are you wearing that? It’s barely 9 am.” he said making me feel much more stupid

/pft, thanks alot, dad/

I took a long shower, hoping he wouldn’t remember about my psycho-appointment, but twenty-five minutes later, he knocked desperately as if our house was on fire and he was in a rush to get the area evacuated. I hated when he overreacted. It’s just a stupid place for stupid people {like me} except, the psychologist is worse. Can’t she think of anything more than “How does it make you feel?” and a pile more of senseless questions that seem to get her nowhere with me. I just didn’t like it. 

“Zola, hurry up! We’re supposed to be there in ten minutes!” he knocked again
I pounded on the door to get him to shut up, “Dad, get out...privacy, remember?” I said facing the door, looking like an idiot, 
Yeah, I’m Zola and I yell at doors. I’m so awesome. 

I stepped out of the shower, grabbed my robe, and opened the door carefully. “I’ll be there in a minute!” 
Of course I didn’t really mean that...seriously, who could ever get dressed this perfectly in just /one/ minute?

After I was dressed in casual tee + jeans + combat boots, I ran down the stairs and kept running until I tripped on one of my shoes and fell. 

“Dad, is this optional, or is it like...mandatory?” I asked as I got up, on my way to the car

“That’s a question you shouldn’t even ask. I’m taking you here because you need help ; because I care about you.” he said looking out the window, avoiding eye-contact. 

Oh no...please don’t cry..

“Fine...” I sighed in exhaustion and turned on my iPod to get rid of the awkwardness

- -

My appointment lasted an hour, when I was ready to burst and run out feeling more of a failure today. 

Once dad dropped me off at home and left for work, I took out “The Tools”. I took out my favorite, most loved possession...someone labeled as methamphetamine. No one was around so I had the freedom of doing/smoking whatever I wanted. 

After a few minutes, I was already getting tired and sleepy, so I layed in my bed, took out some champagne and marshmallows, and closed my eyes.

- - 

I woke up crying for no apparent reason. The dress and the heels were still on the floor...then I realized it was time for the usual...clubbing.

I checked my phone and saw the (5) Missed Calls from Sierra and Kate

Finally, I called back “Hey, thanks for r-ping my notifications!” I said as I giggled into the phone

“Meet me outside, we’re going EVERYWHERE” Sierra said and hung up

- - 

“Beer? It’s on me..” I turned around to see someone familiar, he was a cute guy...I just don’t remember where he’s from...he’s a close friend’s relative...I don’t know..

He smiled since I took forever to reply, “Oh, yeah, sure...thanks” I said...I tapped my head in failure

What’s been happening to me today!?
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