Wednesday: After we suffer through the school day, we're all meeting down at Sierra's place for a little Wednesday night get-together. Don't bring drinks or anything; if we know Sierra, we know she's got all the stops covered.

event ; get-together
location ; Sierra’s place
with ; Kate and Marnie 
outfit ; in set
hair ; picture above
makeup ; none
mood ; playful, tired, high

- - 

“It’s seven! Time to get up, dear” dad patted on my shoulder 

Turns out I slept on the floor last night (or most likely passed out) where it was much cooler and calming. I tugged on my dad, waiting for him to carry me like he used to. Back when I was healthy, as in never. 

“Just a few more minutes...” I mumbled, wiping the saliva dripping from my mouth

I had a terrible habit of sleeping with my mouth open, I guess I was too lazy to close it every night of my goddamn life. He gripped my arms and legs, and carried me out to the living room. I didn’t quite like my dad’s furry arms on me, but it was better than walking around myself. 

“I’m not feeling good today...” I said, just like every school morning

He sighed and took the Marlboro pack out of my hood, “How long have you been hiding it in here?” 

“Agh, calm down, it’s only been a month....I mean, a day...” 

He later threatened me, “Well, if you want this back, you’ll need to get dressed in under ten minutes..”

Without another word, I ran to my closet and took out random clothing and brushed out my day-old hair, and threw on my shoes. Of course I couldn’t run back with these heels on..
I made my way to the kitchen and took out a granola bar and sipped my pitch-black coffee. 
“See, dad...I’m not /that/ hopeless...” There were alot of things my dad called me; such as failure, useless, hopeless, psychotic, ignorant, bipolar, naive, etc. I didn’t like any of them, except was quite reasonable. I mean, what part of Zola Beckford sounds like a sweet goodie two shoes? No, no, just no. I don’t like people who make nothing out of their lives...its just something that I would hashtag as #blehh. 

- - 

At school, I was already fashionably late and my teachers were ready to mark an F on my grade. Kate saved me a seat during 1st period, which unfortunately had to be English.

“Where were you?” she whispered as I unpacked

“ my dream I was happy playing the guitar with The Black Rabbits..” I whispered back, as the teacher made his way to my area of the classroom

“You’re disrupting my class, I’m not tolerating this” he continued,“Well aren’t you going to say anything?” 

I finally said something, as usual, “Well, what’s there to say?” 

I took my lighter and cigar from under my desk and exhaled my smoke towards him ; I walked out the door with effectiveness.

- - 

I was lucky nobody had talked about the scene during class, especially not with teachers. The kind of respect I loved. 

“What happened?” Marnie asked while pressing on my shoulders in desperation to find out some news to spread

“Oh, uh, I was just late..nothing new..” I said exhaling some more smoke as I enjoyed the view of seeing a blonde choke 

“Ugh, you need help..” she said making facial expressions in proof of her disgust

“I’m not the only one” I muttered as she left

- - 

It was time for Sierra’s so called ‘get-together’ and I had no motivation to show up, but it was Sierra, I couldn't just let her down like that.
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