25+ Asian Fictional Characters Challenge

Name: Ryu
Appears in: Korean movie Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
Profession: just fired from job, looking for money for sister's operation and kidnapping his ex-boss daughter
Played by: Shin Ha-kyun

Deaf-mute Ryu doesn't want much - just the health of his sister. But world around him isn't good for him: he's fired for no reasons, sells own kidney - and is cheated by human organ traffickers, and desperately needs money to save his sister's life.

Not all kidnappers are bad; only the ones who kill children.

Is Ryu, who kidnapped girl [but took care of her like if she was on vacation] bad man because he's unable to hear the girl's screams for help when she's drowning?

I absolutely love characters, who like Ryu are complex and are not white or black, but grey.

And Ryu was first Korean to have blue hair, sorry T.O.P, you're not so original :P

And Sympathy for Mr Vengeance is one of the best Korean movies; and because of that many people calls it boring - this is movie that requires thinking to fully appreciate it. It's shame how Western people are unable to appreciate it; they also don't fully get 'Oldboy' but like it for spectacular violent scenes - Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance is also filled with violence but not as spectacular. More realistic and at the same time more shocking. [Okay,Oldboy is super shocking! And Hollywood wants to make remakes of Park Chan-wook's movies with Will Smith or other actor who doesn't suit it at all -.- BIG NO FOR HOLLYWOOD REMAKES!]
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