{ Sσ hσℓ∂ уσuя нєα∂ нigн, gσяgєσus. ρєoρℓє ωσuℓ∂ kiℓℓ tσ sєє yσu ƒαℓℓ }

♔ Name ;; This Greek goddess was blessed with the name Estaℓia Maяchessa Ro¢¢i.
♔ Pronounciation ;; Est-aa-lee-ah Mar-chess-ah Raw- cchi . Get it right, or she'll kiℓℓ you.
♔ Age ;; One oƒ the youngest models out there at se∂uctive seventєєn
♔ Biяtн ;; 11/ 11, at exactly 11:11
♔ Nickname ;; Her name is Estee when it aℓteration fin∂s
♔ oяigins ;; 50% Greek go∂∂ess, 50% Bяitish chaяm , 25% Fren¢h eℓegance
♔ нometown ;; Bra∂ford, Engℓand
{{ gєт ιη ℓσѕєя, ωє'яє gσιηg ѕнσρριηg }}
♔ Styℓe ;; Who's that ∂iviηe beauty in that dress by Gucci that hasn't come out in stores yet, rocking those sky-high $8,999 Loubutins ? It's Estaℓia. Her style is cℓassy, eℓegant and utteяly heя. Her infinite closet is full of clothes made just for her by bigwigs like Chanel, Gucci, Prada and more in cuts that show off her incredible figure, heels, beautiful accessories, so stunning they will make you faint. She loves her designer vintages, but that doesn’t mean if she sees a swanky tank at Forever 21, she won’t buy it. Her style isn’t very girly- she likes pastels, but she prefers shades like purpℓe, bℓack, in∂igo or simple, statement neσns. Or maybe a funky, uяban lσσk, or maybe something timeless and cℓassy. It depends mostℓy on her mood and occasion. Her styℓe, in brief, is short, eℓectric, swanky, aℓways more than perfect and never sℓutty.
{{ ιƒ тнє ¢яσωη ƒιтѕ, ƒℓαυηт ιт }}
♔ ƒℓαw ;; Her alabaster skin is flawless except for a candy pink scar curving around the right side of her waist, nearly invisible. She isn’t really a kind girl. She can be very cruel at times, and her smoking and drinking aren’t good habits either. And I wouldn’t exactly call having lovers everywhere she goes classy.
♔ Stяєηgtнs ;; Estee’s a fighter, a survivor. No matter what you say to her, she won’t cry. . She’s also very tenacious- once she’s decided to do something, she sticks with it.
{{ ѕσяяу ∂αяℓιηg, ι σηℓу ѕρєαк ¢нαηєℓ }}
♔ ρєяsσηα ;; You lσσk at Estєє and think how sωєєt and кiη∂ she is. ησ. ησ. ησ. ωяσηg. She's a bit¢н. One word ωяσηg said to her, and you're ∂єα∂. You'll fall ∂σωη the popularity ladder and be wiped off the face of this universe. Growing up in a rich world, she's spoilt. She's the girl with the witty comebacks that make people cry, with a sharp, sarcastic sense of humour. She's wicked smart and knows just what to say to make you crack, knows what she wants and gets it. She likes to play with people, simply for the ƒuη of seeing their faces when they realise they've been tricked. Remember, the ∂єviℓ does ωєαя ρяα∂α. She ranges from a boyfriend stealer- not because she likes your boy, just because she wants to ruin you, or maybe just because she's bored and has nothing better to do than ƒℓiяt - to a career destroyer. She is so charming, so flirty, so irresistable that she can get your dad who owns a modelling agency pick her over yσu. She will ruin your life if she hates you. Count yourself lucky if she befriends you ;; she is only friends with the best, no one outside her clique and certainly no one who doesn't match up to her very high standards. But beware. She could just be using you and wrapping you round her perfectly manicured finger to get something she wants, and when that ring gets too tight, she'll throw you away like last season's ¢нαηєℓ. But that is a rare occurrence, and she usually treats her friends very well, because they mean a lot to her. But she isn't a bα∂ person. She's just guarded, with walls stronger than steel. She rarely opens to people, because she knows people always turn around and stab you in the back, so she has a simple solution. Stab them before they stab you. Once you manage to get under her guard, she's ℓight, bяeezy and oh-so sωєєt, sωєєtєя than candy. She's ℓoyaℓ and grєat friєnd, sωєєt and very ωiℓ∂. She won't give a ∂αmη what you think of her, but you hurt her friends, she will tell you exactly how it is. She isn't scared to voice her opinion, and is a great friend, but a treacherous enemy.
♔ Continued in the comments, ∂αяℓιηg.

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