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Name: Alexandra Peterson, nicknamed Ali
Style: Preppy

Likes: footnotes, dictionary.com, j.crew, oxfords, rolex watches, blazers, student council, school projects, essays, charles dickens, leather-bound notebooks, her blackberry, being the best, high-class liquor (if its not brandy, rum, or scotch then it's not for her), sweaters, parties, world history, the 18th century, the british monarchy, the ivy league schools, any show that revolves around doctors or criminals, competition, SAT Vocab, Foreign Languages, Old Movies.

Dislikes: being outdone, any grade lower then a 96%, stress, her homelife, winter, flip-flops, ripped denim, disorganization, unlined paper, slamming doors (unless she's the one slamming them), cheap alcohol. 

Bio: If there's one word that comes to mind when the student body thinks of Ali, it's perfect. An overachiever to the max, Ali strives for this reputation. She almost cried when she got a B+ on a test back in ninth grade. And her overachieving personality doesn't end with grades - Ali is driven to be the best in every single thing she ever even tries. The best student. The best on student council. The best on the sports team. The best dressed. The most popular. Yes, she puts all this pressure on herself, but it didn't start that way - Ali became this way because her parents forced her into it. All her life they've always told her she wasn't good enough, wasn't smart enough, wasn't talented enough - each and every time she does something great, if there's even the smallest way she could have done better, her parents are disappointed. So, Ali doesn't let that happen. She will keep being the best. Even if it kills her.

Clique: Prep, but goes to a lot of parties.
Flaw: Anorexic & addicted to speed
Model: Cailin Russo

+ Why do you want to be a part of this RP?
Well skins is one of my favorite tv shows (at least, Skins UK is - I haven't seen the US version) and also i love rp so my favorite tv show in a rp is sort of just too perfect for words.
+ Will you be able to make at least 2 sets a week?
+ Will you be active and comment on others sets?
Unless there is some sort of emergency, the answer is yes to both.
+ Random fact about yourself (We want to get to know you all!)
um idk im really not very interesting at all. i made a collection about the stuff i keep in my bag you can read that if you want honestly im just sort of an average 14 year-old. umm, i have a fashion blog? is that interesting?
@elaine-elizabethxo @marie-is-pretty-in-prada

ayyy comment if you want to talk about your relationship to Ali sorry for the double tags
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