sad girl in a lonely world tryin 2 feel better by lookin at plants

I've been having such an awful fu.cking time recently. My mum - who has been in the all clear for the past two years - recently got a letter concerning her routine breast scan and the results are worrying. At the moment it looks like she has cancerous cells in her right breast - last time it was in her left. My dad is stressed beyond relief and so he has quit his job which hasn't made things easier.
Also, I've moved to a new town that's miles away from all of my friends so I'm completely alone, I've been dieting and exercising and I don't seem to be losing any of the weight I put on at uni, and I've been working 24/7.
I just feel exhausted and crippled by inadequacy and lack of motivation and now stress over my mother once again.
you know when u just wanna put your middle finger up to the world and cry
life is so so tough sometimes
i don't want to feel

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Wrote 6 months ago
I know the feeling😞

Wrote 6 months ago
sorry youre having such a rough time right now
if you ever need to talk im always here ♥


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