+Rebels With A Cause
+I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift

name: Lenora Bailey
age: 18
astrological sign: Pisces
style: Loves skirts, dresses, anything that flows. Loves blues and light greens. 
bio: Lenora, referred to as Lenny by her boyfriend, has always been considered out there. She’s artistic and intuitive and helplessly dreamy. Her piercing green eyes can practically read others mind’s. She connects incredibly well with other people, but even so, she shies away from everyone. Maybe it’s from all the meth she’s been doing lately. No one really knows, after all, Lenora does keep to herself 99% of the time. The only person who knows about Lenny's little addiction is her boyfriend, who got her into it in the first place. She did it once and now she's hooked, and the addiction is taking over her life. But she's enjoying every single minute of it.
likes: Being alone, her boyfriend, loose clothing, her hair, cigarettes, dance music, rain, peaceful moments, spirituality, pastels, surprising people
dislikes: Jealousy, being in a large group of people, watching tv, twitter, Ugg boots, soda, being outside, hot summer days
model: Kristen Stewart
taken by: @buds-over-studs
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