- I Remember You, Skid Row
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Outside the building there was a massive crowd gathered - mostly journalists and other news media outlets aiming their cameras and shooting pictures, filming for the eleven o' clock news. It was about midnight but it seemed almost daylight with all the flashing of the cameras; buzzing noise of engines and chatter filling the night air. I'd followed the cop car all the way back from the crime scene. Now I was getting out of my car just as I parked in front of the building. Several reporters approached the police vehicle just a few spaces away as it held the perp in question. Suddenly the front door opened and the officer stepped out, moving to unlock the backseat. Another rush of reporters ran over, swarming around him as he attempted to open the back door. Just moments before the woman inside had been arrested by our unit and was now in custody. She had mob connections - not enough to be locked away for more than a few years but enough to know the right people. Since she was associated with one of the largest crime organizations in the state's history the media was all over it. I shook my head, walking past the scene of chaos. 
Instead of trying to wade through the crowd I went through the side entrance around the other way. Inside there was just as much going on, if not more. Personnel running around, agents trying to clear the path. Walking towards the office I shared with my partner, who was the main agent assigned to the case, I avoided making eye contact with anyone. As I turned the corner of the busy hall I spotted my partner talking with a girl who was shouting at him by now. Trying to stifle a chuckle I went past the two of them. At least she was pretty hot. Okay, more than that, but no chick was absolutely gorgeous when she was pissed off. Except for this one.. I resisted the urge to look back over my shoulder at her. I heard him sigh, "Sorry miss, I wish I could help you but.." he trailed off. 
I reached for the door knob to open the office door when he said, "I'm not in charge of that case. but my partner Marcelo over there is. He's the head agent in charge of your mother's arrest." he pointed over at me. The girl's head snapped over to my direction, her eyes narrowing in on me. He'd f.cked me over big time. 
Opening the office door I raised my brow at him, ".. the fuck you say?" 
He gestured behind the girl's back to me making signals, "You were there right? We worked on it together." 
I nodded and she started on her way over towards me wide eyed, already on the verge of introducing herself, "Hi. I'm Julissa Yanez. You arrested my mother, can you help me?" 
I started to say something, looking up and noticing he was gone out of plain sight. Fuck again. Sighing I met her gaze and faked a smile, "I really would love to help you, but I can't. You'll have to go talk to - " 
"Why not!?" she huffed in exasperation, folding her arms over her more than ample chest.. didn't help she was hot. 
"Because," I turned my back to her as I walked into my dimly lit office taking off my jacket and putting it on the coat rack. She followed me inside as I continued, "the FBI doesn't make deals with the mafia." I said bluntly, sitting down at my paper littered desk and shoving some of the debris to the side. Julissa stormed over, looking more annoyed than before. She stood in front of the desk, slamming her hands on it. She was obviously upset I'd made any such assumption about her. 
"I am not associated with that! My mother is, now I want you to help me get her out." she demanded.
I didn't move, instead I glared right at her, "Tomorrow you can post her bail- "
"Now!" she interrupted me. Taken aback by her, I shook my head. She really was impatient. She looked down at my arm, the sleeve of my shirt had overridden my wrist just a bit revealing the half fading tattoo on my right forearm. Her eyebrow raised as she glanced back up, "The government won't work with the mafia yet you have a gang tattoo on your arm. Interesting."
"I'm having it removed.." I muttered, pushing the sleeve of my shirt back down, "now I'm going to pretend you didn't just insult me and you can leave peacefully." 
"Really?" she crossed her arms, standing she rolled her shoulders back. My expression essentially matched hers. Almost as agitated, but just as offended. I knew how she felt seeing my own father go to jail but that never changed the fact he was guilty. Her mother was guilty - at least from what I was certain of.. the evidence was surmountable. It'd have an ingenious person to frame her with what was known. Leaning back in my chair I tried to keep my focus on her, you weren't supposed to show emotion. Then I gave her a sharp nod watching her glare. 
"So is there any specific reason why your partner said you could help?" she stared into my eyes her dark brown eyes shining at me in worry co.cking her head to the side. I ran a hand across the stubble on my chin, his right shoulder slightly lifted to shrug. I was stuck with this but I really didn't feel like talking. 
"Honestly," I started before leaning over my desk folding my hands in front of me with a sigh. "I'm not sure." 
The anger practically flashed through her eyes, I could tell that much. Nothing I was inclined to do for just another family in trouble that I knew nothing about. Even if this girl was so stunningly beautiful it almost rendered me helpless. And the worst part of it I was starting to feel sorry for her. Once again, I had to stay calm. Her tone of voice was getting higher by the moment as she spoke, almost begging me but in anger, "So your telling me there is nothing you can do?"
"I'm sorry bu-" 
"There's nothing you can do." she said finishing the predictable sentence. Filling the silent room with a heavy sigh she ran my fingers combing her long brown locks back off of her face as she turned to the ceiling as if she were praying. I would be too, I knew I was when I was in the same situation. 
Releasing her hands, her hair cascaded around her perfect face as her eyes turned back towards me. My eyes watched her every movement as she leaned slightly over my desk her leather jacket tightening around her taut shirt. "My mother means everything to me," she said truthfully as my eyes raised. "And I'm asking you for your help." her voice low and calm her face pleading at me as she stared. Well f.ck, there goes being cool and calm. The last word she almost squeaked out, "Please."
No, I straightened myself in my chair, I wasn't going to screw this up. The only job I'd been given since I'd gotten arrested. Why was my entire life's history running through my head as I heard this girl simply pleading for her mother? Maybe because I was reminded of myself in a way. Instead I refused to budge. My head shaking slowly before looking down at my desk, then my eyes rose to her. "I honestly don't know what I can do."
"Stop with the bullshit!" she yelled her hands slamming down in front of me on the cold desk. "You work for the FBI! You have ins, you have power, you have the opportunity. I know she's innocent!" Slamming a single hand down again with enough power to knock of the pen holder at the edge of the desk sending the pens tumbling over onto the gray carpet. That was more than I expected her to do. Taking in a deep breath she stepped back and looked over at the pens. "I'm sorry," she mumbled reaching down to gather them. I got up out of my chair, bending down to help her with the task. Not noticing I was out of my chair and right by her side, my hand brushed against hers as he leaned down next to her.
"Sorry about that." I stood back up, walking around to my desk again. By now I was caught between a rock and a hard place. However she did it, she'd made me want to help her, I actually felt sorry for her. And she was smoking hot.. might mean something good in it for me.. silently I reminded myself where I was and just stood there watching from afar. She shook her head and bent over slightly to pick up the scattered pens on the floor. I couldn't help but glance over at her ass wiggling in the air. Eyebrows raised I leaned against a cabinet behind me, by now she was just doing that on purpose. I decided I better say something, "Need help?" 
She shot up, pens in hand turning on her heel to face me, "No. I just was making sure I got them all."
"They're just pens." I shrugged, offering her a smile. She bit down on her lip putting the pens back in their place trying to hide her flushed face. Wondering what time it was, I took a look at my watch quickly, almost 1. I was off duty by now. What could it hurt if I tried something? I cleared my throat, "Hey, my partner's an ass. He was trying to get rid of you. I know very little about your mother, and I'm pretty new.. I can't do much." I told her the truth.
"Oh." she nodded in understanding, looking remorseful for a second. 
I took a step forward to her, another smile making its way onto my expression, "But I'm glad he did pawn me off on someone as gorgeous as yourself." 
"Me too." she smirked shyly looking down. Even though she was quite tall she still looked so small and shy. I wanted to know her entire story; who she was and how she got here. "Need to mention you make a great impression." she smirked jokingly her eyebrow raised.
I threw my head back with a laugh and nodded. "Glad to hear that. Though I thought you were two seconds away from kicking my ass in."
"I am." she nodded with a pained serious expression. Feeling terrible about giving her so much trouble, I couldn't help but hoped she wasn't as mad as she was before She smiled, honestly at me. "But as long as you can forgive me for how i acted towards you, I'll hold off." 
I smirked before ducking my head and stuffing my hands in my pockets. "That simple huh?" 
"I was hoping it would be." she said softly with a shrug. 
"And I was hoping it wouldn't." 
She took a step closer to me as I took my hands out of my pockets and shifted towards her feeling more nervous by the second. I normally was not like this around women but she had a strange hypnotic effect on me. "Why? Who said this should be easy for you?"
"I'm going through a rough time.. you have no idea what I'm going through." she stiffened up, but still awkwardly standing near me. Right. Maybe not to this full scale of attention but I knew exactly how she felt at this exact moment. Scared. Helpless. Hopeless. All I did was give her a light nod, pushing one of the drawers closed as I walked around to the other side. 
"You know nothing about me, you just met me." I stared at her. 
She tilted her head sideways looking a bit more interested, leaning her back against the desk before sitting up on it. Her legs crossed one over the other, palms rested behind her. "Maybe I want to know you."
No she didn't want to. She was going on first impressions. And first impressions weren't anything from my experiences. People lied and hid who they really were at first. 
"No. You don't." I finally said out loud standing next to her as I looked off out the window blinds at the busy office space filled with people hurrying to and from trying to leave for the night. If I focused on something else long enough I couldn't look at her. Her expression twisted confusedly at me. She pursed her lips and leaned in a little closer.
"I thought you were hitting on me." she batted her eyes at me, tempting me further. 
I glanced over at her, "I think you're the one who started that."
She rolled her eyes and scoffed, "No I'm pretty sure that was you." 
"By admitting both of us we're doing it you're saying you noticed.. and therefore purposely, did it first." I grinned at her. Lips parted in surprise she stared at me as if I were insulting her once again. She uncrossed her legs switching to rest her left leg over the other. My eyes drifted for a moment to watch her long legs move slowly. 
"You should be a lawyer, you sound like one." she smirked. 
I leaned off the desk taking a step in front of her, laughing "No. I've just heard enough of them talk, and usually against me or at me." 
"Ah. So there's a story behind the tattoo.." she raised her brow, looking me up and down before meeting my gaze again, "Are there anymore?"
"Now you're definitely hitting on me." I pointed out to her, turning my attention outside the window again. 
She laughed softly watching me turn my attention towards the window. "Glad your so attentive." she replied calmly.
I turned around with all of my attention on her. We locked eyes until we both wanted to be closer to each other. I walked towards her until I stopped in front of her. Peeling her palms off of the wood she sat up and stuffed her hands between her thighs still locked in our gaze.
"I know. So I know it's obvious you don't want to get to know me." At least I hoped not. Maybe I did want to know her but I really didn't feel like opening up to anyone, much less anyone who's mother had just been arrested. That looks great for me. 
"Don't make assumptions." she shook her head lightly briefly breaking the gaze.
"Oh like you didn't?" I raised an eyebrow amused and smirked.
"I had a reason." she shrugged non chalatnly momentarily looking down appearing quite guilty. "You know, to be honest...I already know a good amount about you already." I smirked back.
"Really?" I asked tilting my head, interested by now. She wasn't that good at reading someone. Coming closer towards her practically standing in between her legs I looked at the lust filled twinkle in her eyes as she nodded. 
"Your dedicated to your job because you were not willing to compromise your morals for me. And because of that tattoo," she grabbed my sleeve slowly pushing it up my arm revealing the tattoo. Fuck, just her touching me sent shock waves through my body. "I know you've changed." she stated simply quickly dropping my sleeve. Then she looked back up into my eyes searching them intensely as she dropped her hand. "And that means everything about a person."
I thought about that. People could change but only when it benefited them. 
"People don't change. Only for a while, then they just get better at hiding it." I answered her, setting my arms by my sides again before grabbing her hand in mine. She blinked up at me appearing to be thinking. I didn't want to hurt her, she looked way too troubled already to be brought into my problems. 
"Do you really believe that?" she bit her bottom lip as we were now only a few inches apart. It felt strange but weirdly right. I sighed, knowing that I was no longer able to resist any longer. Resting my hands on her hips I smiled at her, not really sure what to believe right now.
With a nod I smirked, "Maybe you'll find out."
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