Friday - Regina Sidorov is hosting a party @ PALAIS MAILLOT. Have fun.

collab with @ribbonsandkisses 

first part of the story:
We entered the Palais and I was amazed by how big and beautiful it was. It had various screens, bars, couches and dance floors. The music was great too; it made you feel like dancing right away.

“Do you know Regina?” I asked Mia. I suddenly realized I hadn’t met her yet and I had to thank her for the invitation.

“Yes, do you want me to introduce you to her?” she offered “She’s really cool; you’re going to like her”
I accepted, of course – after all, that was my intention. As soon as I nodded, she grabbed my hand and started walking between all the guests quite quickly, looking around. She found Regina so quickly I was in awe. She was used to this kind of big gatherings, I thought.

“Hey, Regina” she said to her, pulling her away from some tall guy she was talking to.

“Hi, Mia” she smiled, kissing her in both cheeks “Are you enjoying the party?”

“Who wouldn’t?” she asked rhetorically before moving aside to introduce me “This is Lin-Lin Wang. She works at Kiew Wang designs. Lin, this is Regina Sidorov, art dealer”

“Hey, Lin. Nice to meet you” she greeted me offering me her hand to shake.

“Hi, Regina. What an interesting job you’ve got! I love art” I answered, shaking her hand.

“Cool. The three of us should have lunch sometime. Now, if you excuse, I have to go. Enjoy the party”

I saw her leave while I felt the alcohol producing its effect on me.

“Oh my god!” I couldn’t help screaming with excitement “I’ve just realized this is my first party in Paris”

Mia laughed a little at me and said “Well, I think we should drink for that”

We looked for a bar and we found one even more quickly than we found Regina. It actually made sense, they were big and still and everywhere.

“Two flutes of Champagne” Mia demanded and they were given to us right away. I was more in a tequila mood but I didn’t think it was necessary to get drunk at the first party I attended – it wouldn’t leave a good impression, would it?

“Hello, ladies” a guy with his friend approached us. “Would you like us to invite you a drink?”

“We’re already drinking, if you hadn’t noticed” Mia answered sharply “And it seems like you’ve already drunk enough”

The guys looked at her confused and left, probably thinking the same thing as I was: why that attitude?

“They were hot” I reproached to her “What happened?”

“Actually, I have a boyfriend” she answered back to normal, leaving the sharply tone behind. That made sense, I hadn’t thought of that possibility. “Sorry, did you want to talk to them?”

“No, it’s okay. Where’s your boyfriend though?” I asked, suddenly curious.

“He lives in New York” she answered, not looking very happy about it. I thought it was almost impossible to maintain a relationship with so many kilometres separating them. I also thought I loved New York and I understood why he didn’t want to move. It all seemed like a very complicated subject to discuss at a party so I came up with a better idea.

“Let’s go! We haven’t danced yet!”
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