but you're the only one that knows i lie. <3
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i was gone for a little bit, not that long really, though. just two weeks, haha. i've been quite busy lately, so i decided i had some time tonight. I'M SO BORED. i'm on the phone with my friend. I’m home alone because my dad’s at work, my mom is at a baby shower, & my brother is at his friend’s house. Now it’s raining ;p 

so there's auditions on monday for wizard of oz at my school & i want dorthy so bad. okay, so since i was like three i've loved the wizard of oz. mainly dorthy, & i've been wanting to be her in a performance since i started acting. it's always been my 'dream role'. so there's a lot of pressure on me, 'cause i want to make my 3 year old self proud. but i'm a good singer but only on certain songs. i know i'm a good actress because i've worked so hard to get where i am. but there's this one girl who everyone thinks is going to get it. but that girl knows people think she's going to get the part, & it's not fair. everything is handed to her. i mean, my friend & i, if you hold our resumes up to hers, you'll see we have ten times more traning. it's not fair that in life people are handed things & don't work for it. idk, that's just my opinion.

loong rant ova(: 
this weekend is going to be spent doing homework, science fair, practicing, & uhh yeah. i'm going to go watch mean girls, bye <3 

- bea / @italianvintage / lipgloss-kisses-and-shiny-things.tumblr.com
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