layout credit @etchasketchinlola but her sets look better and nothing like this.

not all of this story is up but i seriously doubt i will be able to write more tonight. if you see this and you are part of gth i will tag you when its all up.

also aware that the lyrics are incorrect but it really reflects chrissy state of mind atm.

aria cohen.
"You really need to get a new webcam." I said to Brody , Who right now was very pixelated. Is it bad that i preferred him like this? Probably but oh well.

"Shut up." 

"Why do we have to Skype.Isn't you emailing me enough?" I said with a huff. Wasn't being in the womb with each other enough for him. I mean honestly , I would tell him if anything major happened in my life but nothing had. So why was this necessary.

"Because i missed you little sister." he said that familiar smirk on his face. Like the time he ruined well my childhood.

"We are twins." I said.

"Still older."

"Yeah well i am not a walking pixel right now , so ha!"

"You have obviously got more mature since going to Brown." He said rolling his eyes "I am surprised you haven't became hippy and started dreading locking your hair." He said as condescending as ever. For someone reason Brody was under the impression that Brown was some kinda of haven of terribleness. I blame Yale and his already inflated ego. I never understood why he had that ego , I was obviously the better twin.

"And i am not surprised you decide to wear blazers and striped sweaters. What's next are you going to buy a bulldog?" I asked as innocently as possible but it was hard when Brody was involved.

"You wear both all the time and your the one with two dogs," Brody said again rolling his eyes.

"I am girl and neither of my dogs are bulldogs." I huffed "Also you dressed up as Where's Wally." While irrelevant i found the need to mention that. I also found a way to incorporate that into our conversation.

"And that matter's how? Seriously Ria transfer out of Brown and into a really college. Otherwise you'll end up like those people on mtv." he said with a shudder.

"The cast of Teen Wolf?" I said tilting my head. According to Grace that was the only show on Mtv and i really had no idea what else was on there.

"More like Teen Mum." he said. I felt like punching the screen but that wouldn't hurt him and would more than likely hurt me more.

"Oh right because i plan on getting knocked up. Seriously you are an idiot."
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