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Friday: The big exam day! How or whether you'll pass this will decide about your future here, so don't be late. Oh, and you know that some of the girls love to play tricks on others to be better? Well, today you should expect everything.

I waited for class to be dismissed. I was utterly bored out of my mind, for the first time ever. I counted each and every tick of the clock that was hanging on the wall above the chalkboard. Normally, I pay close attention and listen intently. Today, though, I just wanted to get out of that boring classroom and... And do what? Anything but sit in a stuffy room watching the minutes tick by. Yet that was precisely what I was doing. It felt a bit strange to me. I'm usually never so inattentive in class. 

"Katerina, the class doesn't seem to understand this lesson. You are my best student, do you care to take the chalk and do the honors?" the teacher called me to the front of the room, by his desk.

He was my favorite teacher, so I shouldn't have been nervous but I was extremely so. I opened my mouth to speak, but no sound escaped my lips.

Mr. Callow, the teacher, stared at me for what seemed like eternity. "Go on." he prompted, with a showy hand-gesture.

I faced my peers, which was a terrible mistake, and immediately my face grew hot. "What..honors?" I squeaked.

The teacher's face broke into a wicked grin. "Aha! I was right. Don't you know, Miss Katerina Lowe, that I know what you think I don't know." he tapped a pencil on the palm of his hand and anticipated for me to come with some suitable smart remark. 

He turned around, ignoring me, and clapped his hands twice. Mr. Callow announced, "Class dismissed!"

I was more than relieved, I really wanted to get out of there! How dare my favorite teacher embarrass me in front of the whole class! I tried to make a run for it when...Mr. Callow's voice boomed, "Except for /you/, Miss Katerina Lowe. Except for you. Except for youuuuu...you've failed my class!!! You're a failure!!." he repeated monotonously. There was something very sinister in the way he spoke.

Suddenly, I felt sweat trickle down my back. I was breathing heavily. That's when I realized I'd been dreaming. 

Or, nightmaring, more like it.

I awoke, out of breath and panting. I pinched my arm a few times to assure myself I was completely wide awake and out of a dormant state. I feared Kristin could hear me pant. I peeked at her and she was fast asleep, snoring audibly every few moments. I sighed.

I noticed the time on the alarmclock finally. 4:21 AM! I still had two more hours to sleep. That was the last thing I wanted to do, though. When I was awake, I was in control, at least to a certain degree. But asleep? No consciousness whatsoever. I laughed a little. I couldn't believe how pathetic I was being. Dreaming about failing a class! Of course that would never happen to me! I'm the best student at Queenswood! I never fail classes. Sure, a few 98%s here and there, but mostly all A's! 

But when I walked to school that morning...I faced the truth: I had C's and F's in four different classes. How could this possibly have happened?!

I wasn't dreaming this time. 


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