Sailor Mars (Macy)
Bio: An elegant, fourteen-year-old. Because of her work as a Shinto priestess, Macy can sense and dispel evil even in her civilian form. When she transforms into Sailor Mars she can also manipulate fire. She is very serious and focused, but although easily annoyed by Mel's flightiness, cares about her very much. Macy is portrayed as boy-crazy and short-tempered, but is uninterested in romance and self-controlled. She attends a private, Catholic school separate from the other girls.

Earthing Boy: Aaron

Bio: Arron is not the most popular boy in school, and his curiosity often gets the better of him. Despite his good looks, he often goes unnoticed as he wanders the school grounds. He is fourteen years old, and often dreams of a world much beyond his imagination. He knows that it's out there somewhere, and he won't stop at anything until he finds it. He is a strait-A student, and spends hours studying astrology. Aaron sings, plays guitar and piano but keeps it secret. He doesnt play his music in front of people. He only plays and writes music in the privacy of his dorm. He goes to an all-boys catholic school. Aaron is the type of boy that doesnt really say much but, when he does, great things emerge from him that you would never have expected.
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