Sailor Mars, Soldier of Flame and Passion!

Raye Harker
16 ♂ Sailor Mars
Odd and old-fashioned, Raye doesn't use much of the modern technologies that the rest of the world has gotten accustomed to. She is a quick tempered and strongly opinionated young woman, ferociously protective of her friends. Raye lives with her grandmother, a practitioner of the Dark Arts, though it is strictly prohibited by the State. Raye is learning the ways from her gran, and strongly believes that it is magic that lends them the power they possess while under the guise of the Scouts. Raye used to have a grudge with Serena, because Raye has a crush on Darien - she has since let it go, or so she says.
FC: Taylor Warren

Three comments

Wrote two years ago
Absolutely flawless! I love her style and her soundtrack!

Wrote two years ago
@marzipanniers Why thankee kindly, ma'am!

Wrote two years ago
She's great, Semper!


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