requested by @xo-polytips
thanks for requesting something dear (: i love your tips btw. 

these are so epic. lol it's like a taco. in bowl form! okay, that is what it is. anyways, super easy to make & i help my dad make these all the time. ♥

ingredients ;;
* soft taco shell. or tortilla, either way it has to be soft & round
* taco meat
* shredded cheese
* salsa
* lettuce
* cream cheese

directions ;;
- first, put the taco in a bowl so it won't be hard to eat.
- put in the hot meat, PREMADE
- then, put on top of it, the cheese, salsa, lettuce & any other toppings you want on it.
- put a DOLLOP of cream cheese

Level 4 ! - it's not as healthy as normal salads because this one has the unhealthy meat, but you can make it healthier if you add peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, etc. & pair it with good side snacks.

xo- CAiTLiN♥(:
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