Name: Samantha Martin
Nickname(s): Sam, Sami
Birthday: April 25
Godly Parent: Apollo
Country and/or city of origin: New York, New York
Personality: Very understanding, easygoing, and sweet, yet very protective around her family and friends. She'll do anything for them.
Hobbies: Swimming, art, dancing, volleyball, biking, and surfing.
Likes:The sun, being outside, archery, beaches , the color blue.
Friends: Everyone at camp, Best friends - Alyssa Qweus ( by @sara19blue) & Alexa Millwood ( by @emmanemm1)
Family: Little brother- Max, Mom- Lisa
Short Bio: Samantha had lived with her mom and little bro in a small apartment in New York, until cancer took over their mom and died. They were on the verge of being sent to the foster care home, when they ran away. Samantha , being 8, and Max, 2, at that time, wasn't easy. She had to put up with his tears, questions, and hunger complaints. Not only that but it seemed as if unusual monsters kept following them where ever they went. Sam defended themselves with whatever she could find, but her favorite weapon was a bow and arrow. Until 7 years later, (yes, they lasted that long) a satyr took them to a place called Camp-Half Blood. It's been their home ever since.
Model: Selena Gomez (the same hair)
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