I sat at home and cried till I couldn't cry anymore, but the pain was still there. I was distraught. Aud came round to see me as soon as she heard, I was glad that she comforted me, I really needed a shoulder to cry on. We talked about how useless men were and how they always messed things up, I started to feel perkier, the hurt and pain still there lulling in the background, I tried to push it back.

I knew I had to go to school whether I liked it or not, I opened my wardrobe, I looked at the endless rows of pink clothes, it made me feel sick I didn't want to wear any of them. I pulled open my other wardrobe where I kept all other clothes that I usually got as gifts, there was an array of colours, I picked out a blue top and matched it with black accessories, I rummaged through me mums shoes to find something that wasn't pink, good job we were the same size, amoungst all this searching I forgot about Simon and Mirabella. I brushed my hair and looked in the mirror, not bad I thought. It makes a change from the pink.

I walked through the school doors, all eyes were on me, news spreads pretty fast round here. I could hear the comments, girls just wanting to gloat, amd make themselves feel better.
"I heard her boyfriend is cheating."
"Yeah with that Mirabella girl."
"She is not wearing pink."
"How strange." 
"She deserved this anyway."

I had heard enough, I wanted to run away and hide but I thought that wouldn't end it, so I held my head up high, smiled and walked through the crowd, I bumped straight into Sugar.
"Get out my way!" I said harshly.
"Look Samee I didn't know she was there with Simon, I knew she had kissed him yes, but I didn't lead you there I swear, look I feel bad." Sugar started trying to explain, but I didn't want to relive the experience.
"Just shut up, leave me alone and get out of my way." I said as calmly as I could musta.
She moved, she looked upset, part of me believed her but I was unsure I could trust her she was friends with Mirabella for goodness sake. I walked away.

I found the populars all sitting down and walked over, I felt so bad this had been Louise the previous week and now it was my turn. I saw Mirabella across the hall. Aud saw me looking.
"Don't do anything stupid Samee." She warned. I got up and started to walk over to her, I could hear the populars calling. 

"You f***ing b***h, do you get off on stealing other people's boyfriends cos it seems that is all you do." I yelled at her, getting closer, she looked calm, not fazed and like she was enjoying it. I was positive I was going to wipe that smile off her face.
"It takes two." She smiled.
"Oh really, well that maybe true but you seemed to be making a track record for yourself, doesn't look good, look over there Mirabella they all hate you." I said pointing, I was calmer now, I continued "You aren't ever going to have friends, oh and I don't think it will be long before Sugar goes off you, she doesn't seem to impressed with your antics so far, your only friend and you might just lose her, you see she's nicer than you, even your cousin like her, oh and you know she is f***ing him don't you." 
Mirabella's smile began to drop, she started to look humilated.
"Funny thing is, Will wants Louise back so badly, you can't have been that great, maybe your just one big bad mistake." I looed at her, this time I was filled with pity, and she could sense it.
"Well it looks like Simon prefers me, and I don't intend giving him up, your threats are empty." she said trying to regain her composure. I swung at her slapping her hard round the face. There was a gasp and Mirabella held her face. She had it coming I didn't care if I got into trouble. 

The populars all looked shocked but they all thought the same, she had it coming.
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