[the title of story is lyrics one beautiful song,''23rd December'', which I heard on one concert yesterday and it inspired me for the story.And it means:''there's only hope that time will cures all wounds'']


Part 2 of last set:


Z. and V. at Zrinka's parents funeral.

Citly cemetery.
Hundreds of people.
Standing and just waiting when will they be able to go.
Looking at 2 wooded cases.
Some of them crying.
And me,I'm just standing there and watching.
Then tear started to roll over my face.
Then another one.
And another one.
I sarted crying like a little chiled.

It was a really sad day.I couldn't sleep whole night.I got up at 6.30.I wasn't be calm for a single moment.I tryed not to thing about the funeral.I couldn't think about it.
~Maybe I shouldn't go~I thought on my way to graveyard.But it was already too late.Me.Vianne and Valentina were sitting in car in silence.We were all in black.Finally my long,black limo stopped in front of the gate of cemetary.
We came in.We came first.Soon people started coming.I was already sick of all that rich,famous and succesful people who kept sayind how sorry are they and how they loved my parents.Ceroemony was starting when my sister Victoria came.
I haven't seen her for over a year.She was all in tears.Her nanny was taking her to the place where we were standing.When she saw me she runned to me and hugged me.She was so little,sweet and innocent.She was happy chiled.Untill this terrible tragedy.I hugged her and hold her during the ceremony.Priest finished with his prays or whatever he was talking about.Some people started puting cases in grave.I broke down.Tears just started rolling over my face,one by one.
Then suddenly,Vianne fell on the ground.She passed out.I was in shock.Somebody called 911.Nanny took my sister home.Me and Val went to hospital.Vianne was in surgery.
~Just when you think it can't be wors,faith proves you that it can. ~
Doctors told us that she survived.I was relived.The was in her room.Val and me were sitting there and waiting her to wake up.But she wasn't waking up.I fell asleep while I was waiting any sign that she's alive.
I had a terrible night mare.My parents were driving and then they charashed in other car.Their car fell down from the road.And I was looking that and I wanted to help them,but I couldn't move.
I woke up all sweaty all scared.I saw Vianne awake.Doctor was explainig her that she was carrying twins,but she lost one of them.
Poor Vianne.I sat one her bed and hugged her.Valentina did the same thing.
We were with her in hospital untill she fell asleep again.Then I headed home and Val went on airport to cathch plane for London.
I decided to walk home.The town that I knew like my own room seemed so dark and cold.Moon was shineing.Sky was black.I wondered where are my parents righ now.
I felt something that I didn't feel for years.I wanted my mommy.
I sneaked in my apartment.My sister was sleeping on my bed in same chlothes she wore on funeral.Her nanny was watching tv.When she saw me she wated to say something,but I just said:
-Go now.-she nodded and headed out.
I took of my coat and boots.
I quietly walked in my room and lyed on my bed.It seems that Vicky fell asleep when she was waiting for me.Her face was all swolloven of crying.She was same as me when I was her age.
I looked at her.
She is my only family that I have.

xoxo Z.
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