june 27 - our first full day as wilderness pioneers. swim, surf or tan today and tonight we'll have a cookout, roast some marshmallows and tell scary stories. 

Everyone around here seemed to be pretty cool, or at least what I had seen from my vantage point. They all like hung out and stuff all the time, and most of them seemed to genuinely like each other. So there I was, at the beach with a bunch of people I barely knew- but was growing to enjoy more and more as of late.
Damon Moana, one of Kitty Hawk's few rebels was an especially cool guy. Not too many people around here were as tatted as the two of us. "So yeah, i've been thinking about coloring in this one." I pointed to the uncolored picture of my mom on my bicep.
"Its a nice piece of work, man. Where'd you get that done?"
"This shop in Atlanta one of my boys works at." I shot up out of my seat when I saw a frisbee disk flying towards my face. "Oh shoot! what the he-"
"I'm sorry. I don't know happened with my- how you say? Sticky fingers." The girl who obviously missed her throw, smiled and apologized. She had a strong French accent, that was really really sexy. Besides the fact that she had legs for miles and a smile that could light up Atlanta for weeks.
"Yeah uh, its alright. If you alligator catch, you won't have anything to worry about." I gave her what little advice I had about frisbee. Not like we played much back home.
"Je vous remercie. Je me souviendrai de ça." She responded, bouncing back to her game.
I turned to Damon, who had been sitting next to me all along, probably laughing at my attempt to turn my swag on french chicks.
"Give me a break, man. I can't even understand her language!" 
"Ahhhhh, thats Roman. Trust me, those are goods that look fine, but shouldn't be touched." He responded, shaking his head.
"What do you mean, man? I ain't trying to get on that."
"She's from France, originally. Very proper. I've never seen a guy get close to her. And you, my man, are very dangerous." He wagged his finger and laughed.
"Nah man, she's not really my style anyways."
The guys at home would rip me to shreds in they knew what I had been thinking about her. Or knowing that I might be considering asking her out.

Some thoughts are just too crazy to think, right?

-jj brown.

sorry about the lack of jj sets. he's a tough character to draw inspiration from. feel free to include him in a story or something!
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three comments

Wrote 5 years ago
oh isn't that cute? ;)

Wrote 5 years ago
Turn that swag on, JJ!
kisses and hugs, kelsee leigh :)

Wrote 5 years ago
Roman's my sister's best friend... I can hook you up?
- Copper


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