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Any of these @vincecamuto shoes/boots. These are perfect for my daily exercise routine. (I walk to work) and one can never sacrifice style. I own other pairs of Vince Camuto's, and all I can say is that they are all super, super comfortable; including heeled ones. 

Balenciaga bag... YES PLEASE!!! I need it with a passion! 

Denim blouse: I'm still searching for the perfect one. This one looks comfortable and wonderful for layering or wearing by itself. 

The boyfriend jeans: These are perfect for the Dear Boss, I'm running late because I can't find the exact pair of ridiculously awesome jeans I want to wear today email. 

Thanks @polyvore! x0x0


Wrote two years ago
Great list!!! Love the boots!

Wrote two years ago
This looks fab!

Wrote two years ago
OH, yes!! That black Balenciaga bag is on my list too. I have a green one from YEARS ago. Still in good condition but I'd love to have that black leather bag! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Chances are, you'd get it before me, lol.
Great Santa list!

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Wrote two years ago
a really cute concept! love your wishlist! xo