Anxiety & Depression

Character name: Serena “Wren” Miller
Age: 17 (June 3rd)
Height: 5’4”
Grade: 11th
Personality traits: Snarky, closed off, basically doesn’t talk to anyone who isn’t in her immediate group of associates. Can kill boys with her death glare (proven fact) and enjoys the presence of her fellow stoner / punk rocker friends. Please don’t talk to her if you don’t fall under this social category, thanks.
Likes: Platform shoes, pin-up girls, choker necklaces, angry girl music typically in the form of No Doubt or Alanis Morissette, crop tops, astrology, Kurt Cobain, temporary (and real) tattoos, sugary candy like lollipops and jawbreakers, punk rock, cigarettes, Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski, American Beauty, Fight Club, basically any “mind-f*ck” or cult film, marijuana, feminism, tall boys with dark hair.
Dislikes: Her parents and sister, high school, trying to get into college, most girls her age, her ex-boyfriend, after school activities, the school faculty, most television shows, conformity, big government, organized religion, basically anything that would interfere with her (desired) punk rock lifestyle.
Club(s): The Media Club (only because she had to be)
Serena Miller would not be caught dead in any clubs.
Bio: Most people at Maplewood High School have the sense to stay away from Serena Miller. Those who don’t probably have no idea who she is. A social anomaly of sorts, she surely seems to stray far away from the “in” crowd. No one really knows what happened to Wren Miller - she was an absolutely normal young girl back in middle school, wearing brightly colored coordinated outfits to school each day and fawning over the latest boy-band at each chance she got, just like everybody else. But right before freshman year of high school, something happened; the girl who once went by Rini Miller was gone. She cut off all her hair, dyed it black, and decided to go by either her full name, Serena, or Wren. Typically adorned in all dark colors, Serena can now be seen skulking around campus, smoking cigarettes whenever she can, and avoiding social interaction at all costs. Known to associate with either the stoner kids, the punk rockers, or the goths on occasion, Serena spends most of her free time blasting angry, angsty girl music, attending the latest rager (as long as no Cheerleaders are in sight), or researching ideas for her next tattoos (which she has recently become obsessed with). Her family doesn’t really understand her, but then again, that’s no surprise. Her father is the owner of a Hollywood production company, one in which her mother also works for, and both want nothing more than their oldest daughter to attend a good, solid college and hopefully head into a well rounded career. Of course, Serena doesn’t even know if she wants to go to college, but like they’d ever understand that. She enjoys pissing them off as frequently as possible. Serena’s little sister, Aimee, and Serena are even more distant and different, if possible. Aimee is one of Maplewood High’s most well known underclassmen, serving on both the Cheer Squad and in student government, and Serena can’t stand her at all. Then again, the fact that no one in her family supported her relationship didn’t help much either. Serena notoriously dated Maplewood’s punk rock “prince”, if you will, Thom Greene, for nearly four years, but after catching him with another girl, the two haven’t even been spotted in the same vicinity together since (which is quite unusual for the pair). Ever since her breakup, Wren’s been even more socially distant, if possible, but now thanks to the new mandate, she’s been thrusted into The Media Club, much to her dismay. And unfortunately, even she can’t weasel her way out of this one.
Model: Rose McGowan

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