Song: Is in the set a lovely Theme from the Show Buffy ;)
I was tagged by @auby in her beautiful set
The question was: " what is your fave book and why?" 

my fave book is "Ein Meer voller Sterne" its a german book ...i read it as a child i never forget this story it was a very sad story...but cute also...there was two girls who was Postage girlfriends they never see each other but talking about everything in girl get cancer the end of the story they see each other after that meeting the girl died but the other girl never stop writing to her friend in heaven i really loved that kind of story because of a big friendship which never end !

And now:
1. Pick a song.
2. make a line from that song be the title of your set,
3. In my set, pick one item and use it in yours,
4. tag 10 people and tell them to do the same,
5. Ask a random question:
what did you think Which Tv Show ended too soon?

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