Sarah's POV
*next day * i realized that i needed a dress , cuz louis could ask me out any day now . Ava and i went to the mall to buy a cute vintage type dress (cuz thats my style ) . At about 5 me and ava went to Louis and Liam's apartment to ask to play minigolf . We knocked on the door ,nothing happened . We tried again . Didn't work . We wondered where Louis and Liam were ? I called Louis . He didn't pick up . Ava called Liam . He picked up frantically . Ava asked him whats wrong . " It's Louis , he's not well ! We are at Hollywood Celebs Secret Hospital , they don't let anyone who isn't a celebrity in unless they have permission from the celeb patient . I'll tell them about you . " Ava and I russed so fast . I felt like I was going to faint but I made it . We got to the hospital , and we came in telling the doctors our name and who we were . Liam came down and told them we were his friends . They let us go . 

Ava's POV
We ran up the stairs to room 204 , where Louis was . He didn't look good at all . Sickly pale color and really yellow eyes . We didn't know what he had either . The doctors couldn't figure it out . While we were there i asked Liam how u got here. He said this exactly " Well we were at the apartment , playing wii . At the time he was beating me at wii soccer . His team , the Lou's , won 15-7 . I know pretty bad . After the game , Louis was extremely tired . He laid down on the sofa and asked me to get him some water . I got the water and gave it to him , but he looked almost dead . I called 911 for an ambulance , and thats how I got here . Been here since about 12 noon . I know it's a long time , but i would do anything for Lou ." That was the sweetest thing I ever heard . I kissed him on the cheek and he blushed . " want me to say something else sweet ?" I said no . He sighed . He wanted another kiss from me , but surely it will happen soon :) .

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