sasha nicoles, love.

✧ full name :
sasha skylar- rosalia nicoles (Jr.)
✧ age :
✧ grade :
- - - -
✧ nationality :
sasha is german. she acts like a hollywood star though. with her continuously color changing hair, her bItchy personality and looks. her father hails from france, giving her une touche de multi-nationalité.
✧ hometown :
london, england, where her mother and father moved to to raise two new baby girls. one of them being sasha.
✧ family :
her family is the last name of nicoles, parents' first names being Jean and Sasha Sr. they're wealthy, exquisite and elegant. her mother and father met when her mother was working on a photo shoot in london for her grandfather's modeling company. along came a magnificent "frenchie" whose name was Jean de Pierre. during their photo shoot together, they became interested in each other's looks and personality, sasha's mother being an angel- sweet goddess and her father being a french toughie. they met up at Arts de Modélisation in Paris when her mother agreed to go on tour with him, and there fell deeply in love with each other. They had a baby, Skylar months later. Skylar is currently eighteen years old, being born on august 19th, 1993. Skylar took on the family tradition and became a model for Victoria's Secret Angels a few months ago. Jean de Pierre and Sasha Nicoles Sr. were not yet married, and talk went around about them having babies un proposed to when Jean and Sasha had their second baby, a boy, the name of Zachary. Zachary was born on september 4th, 1994, being seventeen. One year later, Jean and Sasha proposed to each other, then getting pregnant on their Honeymoon Night to Mount Fuji . they again located themselves in London, England to settle down with the new babies. months later on November 19th, Sasha Nicoles Jr. was born, inhabiting her mother's last name. Rosalia was born a few weeks after, Sasha having a special glow to her, intelligent, quick and clever. Much cleverer than the other children.
- - - -
✧ short biography :
sasha first started speaking at only three months old, whilst the others started talking at nine months, a year, and six months. when she learned more "exclusive" vocabulary, she used it against herself. by the third grade, she knew half of the swears that the average teenager does. she started modeling in fifth grade, when she'd gotten a better look on the world and its people, or subjects as she called them. she wanted to be like mother nature, rule everybody and tell them what to do. even though only 2% of her class thought that mother nature ruled everything & everyone, which was in this case, her clique of three girls:
- miranda williams
- hannah rhinestone
- and patricia (patty) armstrong
they ruled the third, fourth and fifth grade, especially when sasha got the big opportunity to pose for Dior. you can't change sasha or her past. it doesn't matter if she's in trouble. she's sasha.
✧ secret(s) :
sasha once roamed the streets in seventh grade a prostitute. if you were a male, you'd pay her extra. especially if she was hammer drunk. if you were a female, you would pay her only two dollars. that was the deal. when sasha's drunk, you can't stop her from going all out. there's no stopping her when she's drunk, and if you try to- well, when she's sober she'll remember what you did. sasha grew up the way she did for a reason. she was sex- hungry when she spoke her first words. although she was not old enough (at three months of age) to know what sex actually was, she knew she wanted something, something special; to end you up on the streets at night. she was the sort of girl who would go to parties and get drunk with her friends, then ditch them for prostitute business.
"it was fun, actually. i had a really great time. waking up on the streets, kicked out of a store because you asked for vodka without a proper license," said the giggling sasha nicoles.
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Wrote one year ago
sasha's strengths and weaknesses:

Wrote one year ago
✧ strengths/weaknesses :
sasha has the tendency to sort out her strengths and weaknesses, and you can see what they are in this diary entry, found partially torn on the street, (which i will post later wtf lol)
✧ invite only clique preference :
platinums :)
- - - -
✧ activeness :
with sasha, activeness would be probably a billion times more than rupert, which is around nine point five percent of activeness. i will not say ten because of school issues and acting, a capella and way too many other things. although, i hate having excuses so yea...
✧ anything extra? :
copied information:, "she will run you over dead in the parking lot. dead, dead, dead!" - inspired by the movie "a thousand words."
inspiration of sasha- @dreamingofdior and her carmen caprice enrollment. also, one of my reasons for sasha was Sam portrayed by Emma Watson from The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Anne Hathaway in Les Miserable.
✧ six favorite possessions? :
sasha is a fan of her Windows Nine Toshiba Laptop, severely protects her Victoria's Secret lingerie, has Hello Kitty plastered around her room, and will destroy you if you touch her one thousand polish collection of opi. it doesn't matter if you spill it, touch it or accidently skim it. she will run you over dead in the parking lot. dead, dead, dead (inspired by a thousand words) that's how self-protective and bItchy she is.
✧ sample roleplay :
ιɴтrodυcιɴɢ ѕαѕнα ɴιcoleѕ.
deмι lovαтo.
ѕαѕнα, wнo тнe нell αre yoυ?
{{ my christian loubotins clashed onto the pavement, gusts of air blowing in my face, beautiful sounds of nature calling. i knew. i was here. my literally jewel encrusted knuckles that sported le vian diamonds cracked as i twisted the golden door knob, feeling its slick, greasy but smooth surface. the room inside was divine, almost platinum and crowned in architecture and atmosphere. this is where i would be until cape grove high. a place almost as marvelous as their san fransisco scenery, but not quite there yet. an ugly looking maid gave me a dirty as fish guts look and sneered her way past me. }}
{{ "im sorry but did it ever occur to you that the mold you're cleaning is prettier than you?" i asked. she narrowed her eyes. she looked young, everlasting, perhaps 19 or mid twenties.
"and has it ever occurred to you," she asked in a faint chelsea accent, "that the mold i am cleaning is actually on your face and not in my bucket?"
"not for longer actually," i drawled, snatching her bucket and pouring the dirty pee, mold, foot water and pool water onto her "pretty little face."
"you work for me now hon.'" sometimes people were so trashy that i just absolutely had to be trashy back. i strutted into the dark, yet faintly candle lit hallway with a hideous floral rug pattern and scratchy, almost retro or retched paintings of old people everywhere. what? i was stating the truth, and the truth will stay nothing but. }}

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"it didn't matter whether i was caught or not, it's a fake id... they ended up calling this girl that i didn't like and her parents so whatever," sasha says while drunk and slurring. "plus, my family didn't pay attention to me unless i was bossing them so b Itches need to fu xk off and leave me the fu xk alone."
- - - -
✧ appearance :
top- sasha's head is a nice round, circle shape, nothing special. her eyes are a luscious, chocolaty brown, soft and deceiving. her hair however is a smooth, silky, brown (natural.) she doesn't usually keep her hair as it is, mostly a valentines day, sexy red or an unnatural bluish black. perhaps a barbie blonde? just all the things to keep you thinking that she's dumb, stupid, but not for long. her lips are plump, red, moisturized and silky, like her skin and legs. long lasting, even without lip gloss, and seductive. i presume she's had some experience. she's a weakening 5' 5", and likes to wear heels to extend herself to around 5' 9", towering over the people she hates the most. her eyebrows are slick and straight, dark as night and usually pitch-black... black!
middle- sasha sports a wowing 38B cup, her middle a bit chubby, though thin when posing and being normal. her middle is only chubby like that when she's drunk. her hands are imprinted in nail polish (nails) but some pealed with tattoos. tattoos that in order to receive, you'd have to be drunk. her waist is plump, a good average side, but one that she likes to conceal with skinny dresses and booty shorts.
bottom- her tush is very flattened out, but in modeling can come oozing right out of its shell. her legs are petite, but long lasting (moist) and cotton candy / bubble gum cloud soft.
✧ personality :
sasha is a mean girl. she's a girl that you would only ever encounter in the movies. a b Itch as you would call it, the definition:
a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman.
a lewd woman.
Disparaging and Offensive. any woman.
( copied from : dictionary )
if you were looking in the dictionary and found the meaning of b Itch, Sasha's picture and name would be in the definition. she is a merciless b Itch. like a merciless criminal, kI lling you right when he commits the crime, not kidnapping you or anything. just finishing you off.
sasha is not afraid to say what is on her mind, unless it's a secret plot. hence comes the term, "real", meaning "not fake, actual", although she can easily make it seem like she's fake and will never say what's on her mind. there's really nothing else to describe sasha. she's real, plotting, b Itchy, manipulating, mean and expensive... unless you want to make her seem like some generous person who is everyone's angel. then this enrollment would be a lie.

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