”You want regular or spinach pasta?” I say to my iPhone at the grocery store. I'm standing in the middle of an aisle looking like a complete retard.
”Umm... Normal” Tom says to me. I had to call him to make sure I get things rights. He loves cooking and I'm not looking forward to a fight just because of the wrong type of pasta.
”Okay, good. I'll be there in... Half an hour. About. Okay?” I reply as I take a few pasta packets and head out to cash register.
”Oké” he reply in French. ”See you soon, bye”
”Bisou” I reply (means kisses or kiss in French, a way to end a conversation) and smile to myself.
As I get out of the store I see a few paparazzis waiting for me. Only two, I'm not a huge celebrity. 
”Hi Laura” they say and try to make me stop and smile for them. But I have a life to live, I don't have to stop and pose for random people trying to make money out of my face (or clothing in this case).
”Congrats on getting on US Weekly's best dressed people list this week!” a bald man says while snatching pictures.
”Aw thanks!” I say and flash a smile. My parents tought me not to read gossip magazines so I didn't know about that.
I keep walking to my car and get in. Before I start the engine I call my best friend Victoria.
”Hi sweetie!” she answers cheerfully.
”Hey, did you know I was on the best dressed list on US Weekly?” I ask and put on my handsfree and start the engine.
”Yeah, of course! You didn't?”
”That's so weird. They should have informed you.
”Yeah I know... Anyway I'm in a rush. I'll call you later okay?”
”Okay dokay! Talk to you later, mwouah!”
”Yeah, bye!”
She hungs up and I drive home to my man and his yummy cookings :)
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