Name: Dr Liam Nolan 
Age: 30
Where are they from? New York, US
Job: Doctor
Skills: PhD in Medicine, Knife Training, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Weapon Training
Personality: Liam is an all around good guy, he likes to help people out. He's very friendly and easy to talk to.
Bio: Liam was born in New York, his parents were quite wealthy so he he was well off. Although Liam had a good life, some people he knew weren't. So he went to study medicine at Harvard University, once he had his PhD he stayed in New York for a couple of years and that's when he was introduced into the Kings and joined as their Medic. 
Do you hate the Savages? Why? The Savages are killing and hurting the Kings, who are all basically his family.
Other: Nope
Model: Christian Bale 
Tag 2 people: @deliciously-nerdy @thegothchick
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