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colton ‘cole' dewitt; 26
occupation; bartender 
hometown; mobile, alabama 
tribe; jalapo
short bio; growing up, cole had it rough. his mother died when he was young and his father turned to drinking, which led cole to basically raise himself. he spent his days in his father’s abandoned workshop, building things out of scraps of wood. once he was old enough he moved out of his father’s house, and he’s been living on his own ever since. being independent will definitely help cole in the competition, since he has nobody to be homesick about. 
model; wilson bethel
taken by; @vikkirose
>what are some of your strengths? your weaknesses?

I’m grew up working with my hands. I can build shelter and stuff from pretty much anything. I’m pretty strong as well – I work out and stuff, obviously. I gotta stay in shape for the ladies.

I suppose my one big weakness is my temper. When I get mad, I get really mad. Don’t piss me off or get on my bad side and you’ll be fine.

>how do you think your tribe-mates will perceive you? 

I think that my tribe-mates will like me. I’m a pretty likeable dude, and with my skillsket, I’ll be an asset to my camp. I’m also a pretty good talker, if I do say so myself, so that will also come in handy in my tribe.

>how would you like them to perceive you?

Well obviously I’d like to be perceived as a threat, but also as an asset. I don’t wanna be one of the ones voted off right off of the bat. I wanna be kept around long enough to make alliances and stuff so I can be guaranteed a spot in the finale. Obviously I’d wanna have enough people on my side in the jury, so…y’know.

>what's your main strategy?

I’m gonna charm my way to the top, baby. Girls seem to go crazy over my Southern accent, so I might as well lay on the Southern charm. 

>what would you do with the million dollars?

Well, shit. A million dollars is a whole lotta money, ain’t it? That’s a lot of responsibility. I’d probably use some of it open my own bar, an’ then maybe use some to buy a nice headstone for my ma. I dunno what I’d do with whatever was left over. I’d probably put it in the bank and save it for when I really needed it. But yeah. I’d definitely open my own bar. That’s my dream.

@flowersforalice @the-clary-project, do I need anything else?
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