name: lumen kate willis
the one who will never grow up
age: 22
hometown: melbourne
college major: biochem (but she wants to be an actress, though that doesn't seem to be happening)
current job: aspires to work on mythbusters; currently works behind the scenes on the local ghost hunting show (which is totally faked, by the way)
living situation: lives in a tiny flat
relationship(s): has a boyfriend named tate; hung up on an older guy tate doesn't know about
style/look: floaty fabrics, bohemian. pretty relaxed and comfortable, but fun shoes are her absolute weakness, and she loves them. she has 26 pairs of heels (yes, she counted).
model: allison harvard
lumen (who names their kid that, seriously?) is a bit of a crazy girl. she still acts like a kid, pretending her decisions don't affect anything. see, lumen can't decide what she wants to be. some days, she wants to be an actress, experience the rush of fame for herself. other days, she wants to be a writer. she'll sit down and close herself off in a room, throwing papers around and becoming more frustrated until she gives up. other days still, she wants to be a scientist, taking herself very seriously and carrying herself with an air of importance. she can't stand making decisions. one day, she wants to be smart; the next, being pretty is more important to her. she can't make up her mind about anything - except her boyfriend, tate, who she loves. or, rather, loved. that is, until she met the new director of the local ghost hunting show, stephen james. and she's head over heels for him. or is she? she's never felt attached in a relationship before, but could this change everything?
lumen was a headstrong girl who grew up with two parents who were lax on the whole parenting thing. they didn't really parent that much at all. back then, lumen was still crazy. as a kid, she always gave the other kids dares, and once, she got sent to the principle's office for insisting that the name of the colour 'purple' was actually 'grapey,' and trying to teach that to the other kids. as she grew up, she started dating guys. she got a bad reputation because she couldn't keep a steady boyfriend, but she never could make up her mind about them. and she always felt like their relationships were just a show, that none of her emotions were real. she had her first kiss in the back of a truck with some guy she likes to forget the name of, and it was sloppy. when she realised she felt nothing, she gave up and went all the way, and there was still no emotional connection. she continued to be a serial dater, always pretending to be happy. but she's happiest when she's single. after she turned 18, she went to LA for a couple months and tried to book some jobs; nobody wanted her, though, so she came back home.
reads: hunter s thompson, stephen hawking, science-y books, history books, myths & legends books (she loves those, and they usually come in handy when plotting the next 'haunting' for the guys to encounter on the show), carloz ruiz zafon, harry potter, magic treehouse books (okay, she didn't confess to that one, but it's true). she's not too picky as long as it's not really cheesy and/or badly written.
listens to: whatever strikes her fancy. spy movie soundtracks, the fray, kate bush, john mayer, lady gaga, ke$ha, hannah montana, selena gomez, coldplay, enrique iglesias, the garden state soundtrack (is her life). 
watches: garden state (the soundtrack is better than the movie, though), criminal minds (almost never), hannah montana, action movies, the challenge, grimm, new girl, seinfeld, the x-files.
always in her bag: everything. she lugs a bunch of sh-t around with her, and it's disgusting. reach into her purse, and you could find anything ranging from a series of artemis fowl books to a lip balm without a cap to a used bandaid or a piece of gum.
biggest fear: being forgotten
biggest wish: to be /more/
biggest regret: that she never took chances when she was younger
biggest secret: she slept with someone to get onto the ghost hunters show
favourite quote: 'there is another world / there is a better world.' - the smiths
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Wrote 4 years ago
Love that bag!

Wrote 4 years ago
i think you just made a set about me by accident. mythbusters is THE SHIT, man.

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
fabulouss :)))



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