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Tatiana Christoff; ICE

So I've already made an intro for Tatia {that can be found here: http://www.polyvore.com/goodbye_to_my_santa_monica/set?id=50977978}
I encourage you to visit it and introduce yourselves.

This set is just to reserve her peoples ;]

Name: Nikolas Hemmingway
Age: 24
Studying: Classical English Literature
Model: Tom Hiddleston
Bio: He’s rather quiet and very reserved, creating quite the drastic contrast between him and Tatia. He has a sharp tongue and can be quite snarky, often making snide comments in situations. He and Tatia fit together so well. They know each other inside and out and have sworn to have each other’s backs. Tatia originally became friends with Nik for the sole purpose of annoying her family. Since his family wasn’t involved in the mafia, let alone of Russian decent, she was forbidden to befriend Nik. So of course she did. Nik also has the honor of being Tatia’s only friend since she rarely maintains relationships with people. He knows all her darkest secrets. Many have said they would make the perfect couple, since the chemistry is obviously there, but they both refuse since it would damage their friendship. They met when Tatia was ordered to kill him via her father. 

Name: Blake Hemmingway
Age: 24
Studying: Medicine
Model: Joseph Morgan
Bio: Blake is Nik's twin brother and one of Tatia's on-again / off-again flings for when she gets bored. Although she's sworn from ever falling in love, there's nothing against having a little fun, right? Blake is hot-tempered and is always causing trouble. He can't be trusted and can't be controlled and basically walks to the beat of his own drum. He has a bad habit of saying things that shouldn't be said, but he has no qualms with it. On the plus side, Blake is one hell of a partier and always knows how to have fun. He's a lady's man and can be annoying at times, since he never seems to know when to shut up with the snark. 

Name: Leo Bertolli
Age: 25
Studying: Political Science
Model: Jeremy Renner
Bio: Leo seems sweet and innocent, with a charming smile and an alluring personality with manners to match, but he's lethal. Literally. He's involved in the Italian mafia and has had several run-ins with Tatia, who he's been attempting to murder since he was given the job six years ago. But Leo has a soft spot for Tatia, who he's always flirted with. They have a complicated relationship where one minute they would sweet-talk each other and the next they'd be at each other's throats. Leo can be a bit shallow and loves attention.
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