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  • Back to the Roots Garden in a Can - Set of 4
    Perfect for the urban farmers or green thumbs who are short on space, this all-in-one set contains everything you need to grow your own organic herbs right at home. Looking for a fast and fool-proof medium for growing herbs, designers Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez teamed up with scientists from UC Berkeley. Through their research, they discovered biochar, a composite of the charred remnants of organic agricultural waste that was first utilized by Amazonian tribes centuries ago. The ancient medium has the ability to retain moisture to prevent over-watering issues, it also aerates the soil for quick root growth and fosters microbial activity in the soil, maximizing nutrient absorption. To use, simply pop open the recycled can, add water, and place it in a sunny spot. Within a few weeks your homegrown herbs will be ready to harvest and enjoy in your favorite dishes. Check out our Gift Lab to see a member of our team grow and taste test the Garden-In-A-Can!
  • Potting Shed Creations Garden in a Pail - Herbs
    A springtime gift for a loved one or an elegant all-in-one solution for your own deck or windowsill, the Herb Garden in a Pail provides everything you need to rear a fine crop of chives, basil, and oregano for your gourmet kitchen - or simply to enjoy the evocative scent of their foliage. The aromatic plants grow within a six-inch steel pail that can be reused for future gardens.
  • 10pcs Norway Maple Seeds Gold Leaf Garden Street Park Plant Seeds
    Description: 1.Under ideal conditions in its native range,Norway Maple may live up to 250 years,but often has a much shorter life expectancy in North America,sometimes only 60 years. 2.Especially when used on streets,it can have insufficient space for its root network and is prone to the roots wrapping around themselves,girdling and killing the tree. 3.Norway Maples often cause significant damage and cleanup costs for municipalities and homeowners when branches break off in storms as it is fast-growing and does nohave strong wood. 4.Deciduous trees,plant height of 9 to 12 metres,crown oval.With shallow roots,but stretching is good.Branches stout,the bark surface with thin stripes,coarse.Blade is smooth,wide,yellow autumn leaves,color of long duration.April blossom,dioecious,yellow-green flowers,umbels of 5-7.5 cm and flowers bloom before the leaves appear.Medium growth rate,5-8 years before the annually,about 25 to 30 cm long.Samara,3-5 cm long,maturing in summer,light brown, and period is from September to October.Tree physique secretes a milky liquid,the pests have a certain effect. Growth habit: Photophilous,high temperature, cold-resistant,wind resistance,suitable for a variety of soils,adapting to the urban environment. Should be planted in rich, well drained soil, sand, clay, acid soil can grow even on calcareous soils. Resistant to drought, too require deep watering in dry areas. Feature: Name:Norway Maple Genera:maple genera Growth rate:average annual growth rate of 0.8 to 1 m. Suitable area:zone 3 to 7 Breeding methods:available methods such as seed,grafting,cutting,layering to reproduce. Planting Method: 1.Soil Generally plant has not high requirement of soil,some flowers almost don't choose the soil.Usually planting flowers for loose fertile soil,good water retention and drainage,good crumb structure,high content of humus.Use formula soil effect will be better,soil formulas generally use of humus soil,grass carbon soil and rotten manure.This mixture formula soil are loose air permeability,water insulation,and rich,very suitable for planting.Before planting,rake fine leveling,water irrigation, timely planting. 2.Sprouting With warm water soaking the seed for 12 ~ 24 hours,until the seed suction water and swell up. 3.Sowing For the tiny seeds,you can use the toothpick wet with water,stick the seeds on the surface of the substrate,cover substrate thickness about 1 cm,then put the planting flower pot into the water,the depth of the water are 1/2 ~ 2/3 of the flower pot.For the large seed, directly put the seeds in the substrate,hill-seeding according to the 3 x 5 cm distance.Cover substrate after sowing,cover thickness of 1 ~ 2 times of the seeds. Package include: 1 x 10pcs Norway Maple Seeds Notice: 1.Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement,pleease make sure you do not mind before you bid. 2.The colors may have different as the difference display,please understand.
  • Ballard Designs Copper Watering Can
    These perfectly petite Copper Watering Cans pour just as beautifully as they look. The longer narrow spout is great for plants that need targeted watering. The shorter, wider spout provides a gentle shower. Copper Watering Can features: Pretty enough to use an accent indoors. Outdoor safe stainless steel. Holds approximately 1 liter.
  • \" \" Elevated Garden Bed
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    Find Planters and Accessories at! Elevated garden beds are the answer for an instant and manageable garden that can be placed anywhere. Ideal for patios, decks, condos, apartments, or anywhere you’d like to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers. The elevated garden bed eliminates bending over while gardening and is perfect for gardeners with mobility and back strain issues. Size: \" \". Color: Finished.
  • 50pcs Garden Lemon Tree Citrus Limon Seeds Courtyard Heliophile DIY Potted Plant
    Garden Lemon Tree Citrus Limon Seeds Courtyard DIY Potted Plant Description: Latin name: Citrus Limon Sowing time: spring / autunmn Growth temperature: above 15 / 59 Soil environment: fertile, loose, breathable Soil pH: subacidity Sowing Tips: 1. Soak the seeds with clean water for 48 hours 2. Take out the seeds and place them between two piesce of the wet tissues, then put the tissues into plastic bag, and place the bag in sunlight 3. Sprout after about 7 days, sow the seeds into soil evenly, and sprinkle profoundly water and keep it wet 4. The bud grow up to seedling after one weeks. Give enough sunlight and keep the soil wet every day. Wamr Note: The seeds will grow up to green potted plant, but will not bear fruits. The fruits can be realized by grafting and cuttage. Package Contents: 50 x Lemon Tree Seeds.

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