i love to shop but it can be super hard to find cute outfits for a resonable price, Right?
So here are a few tips that i hope help!

- if you find an iteam that you like but its really new wait a couple weeks and go back, most things go on sale after awhile 
- put yourself on a budget and stick to it! 
- before you go shopping look in your closet and find out what you need, dont buy more shirts if you have plenty
- dont buy anything that you're not sure about, if you dont absolutely love it in the store than you're not going to like in the morning when you are rushing out the door
- dont buy something just cause your friend likes it on you! if you're paying for it than you have to like it yourself
-use coupons if you can, alot of stores hand out coupons when you buy something so keep it in your purse where you can find it for next time or you can even make a coupon book! if your friends are in to savvy shopping then you could trade coupons with eachother
- if you've stoped growing then after each season most stores have a big sale, so if winters over and your favourite stores having a big sale stock up on winter clothes for next year ( be careful to buy stuff that isn't going to be out of style next year)
- shop at stores that are having big sales as much as you can instead of buying iteams full priced
- some aren't comfortable with wearig second hand clothes but if you are try shopping at a good thrift store near you, some of the stuff can be top brand name, not even wearn once, and super cheap!
- look at the sales section before the full priced section 
- ask if there's any deals you can get when paying 

make sure before you buy anything ask yourself if you think this is appropate, and make sure it doesn't go against God or your faith 

hope this helps

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