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The water bottle has a filter and when the hood of the cloak is down the hat is on. If the hat is off the hood is either on or not. there's a hidden gun concealer in one of the boots. sometimes she wears the tank over the bandeau top sometimes just the bandeau top as her upper wear. 
Always wears the arm thing. The character here looks like the woman in the set "Ashley Belle Eason" 
And the 'zombie antidote' is actually cadervarine, a repellent against zombies. It's made from oils from zombies and makes u smell like one for 23 hours. it comes off very easy by (in a zombie apocalypse i doubt there are very many showers or baths or none at all.) maybe just jumping in a river or pond and it will come off. Doesn't come off in rain though but weakens in rain. during cold weather she puts on tights under the jeans and keeps the cape thing on and keeps the gloves on. she sometimes puts light chainmail armor on her horse so her horse can get where it needs to without injury. or she puts some cadervarine on her horse. (it doesn't take much to get the smell to work!) . The heart choker necklace was given to her by (she's in the walking dead) Daryl Dixon. Although their relationship isn't all over mushy and lovey. Not all the time anyway! ;) He got it from a undamaged jewelry store in Atlanta when they went back for Meryl but he didn't give it to her until months later at the prison where he admitted he loved her. Still keeps his tough guy thing going strong though!
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