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Inspired by the song, this set is more about kisses and wishes than fashion. 

We wish you kitties, kisses, cupcakes and compassion. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
  • Christmas in Pink
  • I love purple
  • Finer than Wine
  • All Is Merry & Bright (blues)

  • White Blouse and Jeans
  • Happy Easter
  • Denim and Lace
  • Stappy Sandals

  • Hecate
  • The Morrigan
  • Untitled #2028
  • Girl's on Fire
  • phreak
  • Joined 4 years ago

  • Brienne and Jaime - preparing for "OATHKEEPER" episode
  • 194os style
  • My greek holidays!!!!
  • Oh my...! I need holidays!!!!!!!

  • an update from blue-herring
  • I'd rather be called a boy and play with paper airplanes than be called a man and play with a girl's heart...
  • When I find the right girl, it'll hit me like lightning...
  • Yet her ice would never melt...