name; albus severus potter
parents: harry and ginny
year; fourth
house; slytherin
wand; acacia, unicorn core, 10 3/4 inches, quite bendy
pet {optional} ; snowy owl, "Hedwig ll"
personality; Slytherin has changed the anxious little Albus into bad boy, Al. If anybody other than a teacher calls him Albus, you better watch out. Sure, he can be nice and funny sometimes, but mostly he's a tough guy.
blood type; pure
a mini biography; Albus grew up with his brother pushing him around and his sister whining and crying. Ugh. His parents were very loving and understanding but once he got to Hogwarts and was put into Slytherin, he became tough guy, Al. People still approach him, he is usually nice, but he doesn't smile much. Some kids come up to him and ask for his autograph. He pushes them aside. He's kind of sick about this whole, "boy who lived" and "master of death" crap. Seriously. 
short story; uh....?
model: logan lerman

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