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LOVELY SKIRT from http://indressme.com :))

UNFORTCH this set is, as per usual, not much like the story, in fact I think this is one of my darkest/intensest chapters, BUT I've had this in my drafts for awhile and I needed to publish and it and it's a perfect Stephalexa set nonetheless. So if you're deeply saddened by the story (I don't mean to depress you I'm sorry, just hang in there), just look at this set and think of happy Stephalexa times... OH ALSO I WILL TELL YOU A FUNNY CORNY JOKE. It twill be at the end, after my usual MTW stuff. #kk

IF you are a first time reader, and want to start from the BEGINNING, check out the collection here for more background and chapter sets: http://www.polyvore.com/alexa_maye-mtw/collection?id=1148783

From now on, I will probably just be getting chapters up when I can, which may or may not be every week. Sorry :(
http://figment.com/books/396703-More-Than-Words [GO TO CHAPTER THIRTY-NINE in the Table of Contents]

[PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU READ! Like it, love it, any feedback at all! Tagging my awesome "fan base" now (I love you guys!). And if you want to be removed from this list, please PM me. THE LIST IS NOW IN THE COMMENTS BECAUSE IT WAS TOO MANY PEOPLE.]


Q: What concert costs 45 cents?

A: 50 cent featuring Nickelback! 

ahahahaha I crack myself up xD
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