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Spectrum // Florence and The Machine
Just a collection of clothes and pictures that I think are indie/boho-ish.
**PLEASE** Like the collection if you've liked the items. Is it so hard to like 50 of the items and like the collection too?
@spiritstorm19094 does this help? c:


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Nice collection! Thank you!

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@unnameder Hey thanks.

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nice collection hey c:

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☾redamancy: the act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full.☽

@unnameder We've been friends for a while, haven't we? I'm actually very glad I met you because you're the only real Poly-friend I have. We're so immature and weird and random in our PM's and you're the greatest, nicest, weirdest, funniest person ever. I forgive you for burning my tongue. Love you. ♡

@spiritstorm19094 Well, you're friends with Tim Tam and we probably wouldn't have been friends if it wasn't for her. You're a special one, I swear. I love how you and Tim Tam always spam my comments. Thank you for making me look somewhat cool. You should PM me more because I'd love to get to know you more. ♡

@saranghaesonyushidaeluhan I don't know you as well as the other two weirdos above, but I know you're absolutely obsessed with K-pop and you're a really nice and great person overall. You should PM me more. We could talk about K-pop and stuff aha. ♡

@malikabigail Well, you're a Directioner. Props for that. You seem like a really nice girl and we should PM some time. ♡

@you-make-me-go-asdfghjkl Keirrea. Hi. You remind me of myself when I was your age; sarcastic, witty and a smart-a; but in a good way. Your sets are really good and you're a really nice person. ♡

@xoxo-may I don't know you that well, but you seem like a really sweet and nice girl. I've seen your videos on YouTube and they're really good (sorry if that's creepy). I love your tips and icons and you're not too bad on the keyboard either. ♡

@danielle-marie-is-iconic Hey there! Your icons are literally the bomb and your glasses are really cute. You seem like a really nice girl and should PM me more. ♡

@haylekayle How you doing, my little fangirl? You're a really rad chick and you're super nice. You can have Ward bye the way. Stay rad! ♡

@tigerqueenie Ohmygaawwwsh Jenna! Your sets are fabu. Like stop ok. You're super friendly and nice and you're perfect. Let's procrastinate together sometime ok? PM me more. ♡

@feels-like-snow-in-september First off, let me say that your user perff. I love Summer Love! You're the nicest, sweetest, friendliest girl ever and you're just asdfghjkl perfect. Your icons are as equally as perfect as Ziall ok. Words cannot explain how freaking awesome your sets are ok. I'm crying. They're perfect. And you shouldn't stop. Ok I love you!

@rapunzelstower You seem like a nice girl, plus you love Disney so we're basically already friends. ^_^

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☾heliophilia: the desire to stay in the sun, the love of sunlight. ☽
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☾euneirophrenia: the peace of mind that comes from having pleasant dreams.☽
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